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Customer Spending

Business Case

Inclusive strategies increase customer satisfaction, increasing per-person spending as well as earning loyalty and repeat business.  Some of this revenue would otherwise be lost when individuals and their families avoid travel due to the sensory and environmental challenges.  Contact us to learn the data behind the trends.

Disabilities inhibit

travel for 25% of


Inclusive Strategies for visible/invisible disabilities

Approximately 1 in 5 American adults have a disability, and half of that population have a hidden disability (1 in 10). An estimated 25% of the population with a hidden disability will be restricted in activities such as travel, or experience anxiety or stress that inhibits travel.

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Sensory-inclusive strategies improve the customer experience, safety and efficiency. Empowering employees to address traveler stress also boosts performance and morale.


Our team works quickly to achieve your vision and goals. Social stories, travel kits, and training are delivered within 4-6 weeks. Sensory Pods + Rooms are customized within 2-3 months.


Sensory play zones offer open areas for movement and enclosed areas for calming, accommodating families with different needs.


Sensory experience on wheels provides flexibility to move the unit where it’s needed.


With a small footprint that fits most spaces, our sensory spots are equipped as a calming oasis.


Sensory rooms are designed with soft furnishings, interactive panels and color-changing columns for soothing interaction.

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