Crash Pads

Crash mats and pads are versatile sensory tools that can be used in so many creative ways. Kids with autism or sensory processing disorder often thrive on sensory input. Sensory seeking kids can leap on crash pads to satisfy their sensory needs. As kids race, bounce and jump, landing on a crash pad provides deep pressure and promotes body awareness. Crash pads can be incorporated into roughhousing activities during therapy sessions or at home. Kids also love lugging crash pads around for heavy work that’s part of their play. Crash pads enhance sensory gyms, adding extra padding along with opportunities for imaginative play. After kids jump and crash on crash mats, releasing energy and engaging in heavy work, they’re more able to self-regulate and return to their usual routine. Shop other great items, with our selection of sensory furniture, sensory boards, sensory mats, and weighted products.