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  1. Squeaky Spots
    SP6790 Squeaky Spots
  2. Balance Blocks and Cards
    MW6829 Balance Blocks and Cards
  3. The GYMBOX™
    EQ3837P The GYMBOX™
    From $1,749.00
  4. Basic Floor Mat
    EQ1599 Basic Floor Mat
  5. ENVIROSAFE™ Rainbow Folding Mat
    MW6294P ENVIROSAFE™ Rainbow Folding Mat
    From $329.99
  6. Crush-Resistant Ball Pit Balls - 500 Pack (Clear)
    MW6167 Crush-Resistant Ball Pit Balls - 500 Pack (Clear)
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Soft Play Equipment

Soft play equipment creates a safe and fun sensory space for toddlers and kids. Soft ball pits are a favorite sensory experience for kids with autism or sensory processing disorder. The sea of balls provides proprioceptive input and deep-pressure sensation to support sensory integration. Kids love to burrow, roll and jump amid the balls. Foam climbing blocks are a therapist favorite for climbing, stacking and pretend play. Kids play with these versatile blocks in imaginative ways that boost gross motor skills and support motor planning and socialization. Soft play equipment includes climbing equipment, rockers, flexible seating and even playhouses so that kids with gross motor delays can enjoy a range of popular playground-type experiences. Our soft play rollers offer a just-right challenge for kids with gross motor delays. The smooth rollers provide unique vestibular and sensory input for kids with sensory processing disorder. Rocking dishes are open-ended soft play equipment perfect for creative play. Kids use them for games and imaginative play, supporting motor planning, gross motor development and socialization. Flexible seating options provide compression for kids who need to relax or unwind before or after play. Interactive sensory room equipment with soft padding creates a soothing immersive experience for kids with special needs. To finish off your soft play sensory space, cushy sensory mats and wall ensure safety and comfort and define play areas. Add in some functional and comfy beanbag chairs to round out the space.