Therapy Trampolines

Trampolines satisfy the sensory needs of kids and teens with autism, ADHD or sensory integration disorder. The rhythmic jumping provides the body with vestibular and proprioceptive input so that kids develop increased body awareness. As kids jump, they develop their gross motor skills, core strength and coordination. Kids or adults enjoy rebounding to release energy too. The steady bouncing is calming for those with hyperactivity or autism, so it's a great morning activity before heading off to school or work. A mini-trampoline can be used in school for a quick sensory break to help kids self-regulate. A jumping board is a compact sensory solution that can even be placed in the corner of the classroom for kids who need some movement between lessons or during transitions. Handles or vertical bars provide extra support for younger kids or those with gross motor delays. Jumping together with friends on a larger trampoline provides a social experience filled with fun. Indoor trampolines can be used at school or the clinic, and at home when it's cold or rainy. Place a trampoline in the family backyard for easy and fun exercise that supports overall fitness for everyone. For more sensory equipment, check out rockers, crash mats, and climbing walls. Round out your sensory space with the right sensory sounds for your kid.