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Rotational Swing Point Option

This item can only be used with our On the Go Swing Frame

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Why We Love It

Swing Your On the Go Swing in any Direction!

Turn any On the Go Swing into a multi-directional swing with this Rotational Swing Point – and enjoy the freedom to swing in literally any direction! This Rotational Swing Point allows for super-fast turning all the way around, for enhanced vestibular input whenever you need it. For a more calming swing, use this piece for relaxing linear swinging. Device easily adds 360 degree swing capability to any On the Go Swing System, and is ideal for homes and clinics, as it allows each child to create their own perfect swinging experience.

  • Provides the option for rotational or linear swinging
  • Great for anyone with sensory processing disorder, autism or ADD
  • Suitable for home or clinic use

Getting Started

This item is only compatible with  the On the Go Swing System (due to the nature of its installation). The Swing System (seen in the image) is not included with this piece of hardware and must be purchased separately. If you are looking for a swivel device that is compatible with other swings see our Swivel for Swings.

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