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  1. Hand Eye Coordination Scarves Set in Colors: Yellow, orange, red, pink, blue and green
    MW5822 Hand Eye Coordination Scarves Set
  2. 6 multicolored Sensory Gel Shapes
    RW7478 Sensory Gel Shapes
  3. At the Beach Discovery Bag
    CF6593 At the Beach Discovery Bag
  4. Marble Tracker transparent tube with red, blue and orange marbles inside
    MW7036 Marble Tracker
  5. ABC Look & Feel Bag
    CF6290 ABC Look & Feel Bag
  6. Glitter Balls - 2 Pack
    CF7024 Glitter Balls - 2 Pack
  7. Discovery Disc
    CF5854 Discovery Disc™
  8. Sensory Gel ABC's Transparent plastic letters. Multi-colored gel and stars.
    SP7056 Sensory Gel ABC's
  9. SensaSoft™ Texture Cube
    CF6706 SensaSoft™ Texture Cube
    Sale Price $59.99 Regular Price $78.99
  10. Calm Down Jar
    CF7410P Calm Down Jar
    From $18.99
  11. Sequin Sensory Wall Panels
    CF7326P Sensory Wall Panels
    From $58.99
  12. Yellow and Blue Gel Wave Pad
    TC3751 Gel Wave Pad
  13. Bag of Fidgets
    KT8612 Bag of Fidgets

    Starting at $8.49

13 Products

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Fidget toys are fun and irresistible to kids with ADHD and busy executives alike. Squeeze, roll, and manipulate to engage busy fingers and calm restless energy. Fidgets are a great sensory tool to keep on hand throughout the day, whenever you feel stressed. Kids keep their favorite fidgets clipped to a backpack for the bus ride and teens stash them in a pocket for transitions between classes. Adults too enjoy using fidgets for subtle tactile stimulation in any setting, including busy airports, doctor appointments, and stressful meetings. Great for warming up hands before writing, keyboarding, crafting, or other fine-motor activities. For more sensory play, check out break boxes, and chewies and whistles. For kids and adults who would like added comfort, check out our selection of weighted blankets.