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  1. One Pillow Putty tub with images of moons, clouds and starts on it.
    SP7282 Pillow Putty
  2. Purple Magnetic Putty and grip
    SP6825 Magnetic Putty
  3. Glitter Balls - 2 Pack
    CF7024 Glitter Balls - 2 Pack
  4. Sports Fun Fidget Balls
    CF7484 Sports Fun Fidget Balls
  5. Multi-colored Magnetic Puzzle Fidget
    CF8393 Magnetic Puzzle Fidget
  6. Yellow and red Sensory Twists - Set of 6
    SP6377 Sensory Twists - Set of 6
  7. Putty Elements™ - Sun (extra soft - yellow), Desert (soft - red), Earth (medium - green) or Sky (firm - blue)
    MW4962P Putty Elements™
    From $6.49
  8. Neon purple, green and yellow putty tubs
    MW6299P Scented Putties
    From $14.99
  9. Marble Tracker transparent tube with red, blue and orange marbles inside
    MW7036 Marble Tracker
  10. Stretchy Sensory Fidget Strings
    SP7144 Stretchy Sensory Fidget Strings
  11. Gel Hand Exercise Ball- Set of Six
    CF4930 Gel Hand Exercise Ball- Set of Six
  12. Grotto Grip
    MQ1424P Grotto Grip
    From $20.99
  13. CanDo® Hand Weight
    MW5658P CanDo® Hand Weight
    From $28.99
  14. 7 pencils with The Crossover Grips in an array of colors
    DZ1925P The Crossover Grip
    From $23.99
  15. Magna-Tiles
    LB3016P Magna-Tiles
    From $78.99
  16. Therapy Tangle
    SP5864 Therapy Tangle
  17. White CanDo® .5kg Weighted Hand Ball
    MW5662P CanDo® Weighted Hand Balls
    From $17.99
  18. Kids using the CanDo latex-free resistive exercise bands
    MW5646P Cando® Latex-Free Exercise Band
    From $14.99
  19. Bag of Fidgets
    KT8612 Bag of Fidgets

    Starting at $8.49

  20. red,blue and green Braille Alphabet Tiles
    CF7361 Braille Alphabet Tiles
    Out of stock

20 Products

per page
Set Ascending Direction