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Soft Saddle Scooter™

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"My little girl LOVES her saddle scooter!!! She has vestibular and proprioceptive sensory issues and this scooter targets both!! . She goes all over the house in it! Very cool toy." -Autism Mommy
Item # MW5684, MW5685
  • Scoot Until the Sun Sets

    Compared with a typical ride-on toy, the cushy seat of the Soft Saddle Scooter is closer to the ground and more supportive, enabling small children and those with gravitational insecurity to ride with confidence. The comfortable soft-cell foam construction encourages play and exercise for longer time spans. Use in sitting or prone positions for vestibular therapy and motor planning activities. Strengthens upper and lower body, improving balance, posture, core strength and coordination.

    • Choose size small for toddlers and large for older kids
    • Ideal for children with sensory processing challenges, low tone, ADHD and autism.
    • Made by Fun and Function
    • Age 1.5+

    Ideas for Use

    Work out on the saddle scooter with bean bags, balls or obstacle courses to sharpen focus with movement-based activities.

    Getting Started

    Durability guaranteed.

  • Small scooter measures 5.25"H x 14"W and is suitable for Age 1.5+. Large scooter measures 6"H x 18"W and is suitable for Age 3+.

    Non-marring rubber casters swivel 360° for smooth scooting indoors.

    Holds up to 150 lbs.

  • A Big Hit!
    My little girl LOVES her saddle scooter!!! She has vestibular and proprioceptive sensory issues and this scooter targets both!! As expensive as sensory equipment can be I was grateful to find something so affordable. She goes all over the house in it. All you can hear is her laughing. I'm also grateful that it is made of a strong rubbery material. It doesn't scuff up my walls or cabinets. Very cool toy.
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    Autism Mommy
    Saddle Scooter
    Got both sizes - small and large for all the grandkids to share. Inside toy only for us...hardwood floors so don't want any pebbles, etc. inside...they love them and are still using them at 7 and 8 years old.... Just ordered 2 more to add to the 2 we already have had for 5/6 years.
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    MARY R
    Great mobility & therapy device for paraplegic child!
    I ordered the Soft-Saddle Scooter (small) for my 14-mo old son after learning about it from other parents whose children also have spina bifida. My son has spina bifida (myelomeningocele) L1-S and is paralyzed from his hips down. His mobility is army crawling, and wheeling in his ZipZac wheelchair or Rifton dynamic stander (size K130). This has been a wonderful mobility and therapy device for him! He uses it lying prone across the seat to crawl. He started using it straight out of the box! It puts him in "typical" crawling position, keeping his tummy off the ground (and protecting his clothes), and has promoted strength in his arm extension and lift. His PT loves it so much she is ordering one for the therapy room at the hospital she works at and recommending it to some of her other clients. My son loves this and it's absolutely wonderful that it just looks like a toy to everyone else! Thank you for this wonderful tool!
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    Great Product!
    I purchased the L Saddle scooter for my 2 daughters a few months ago. They love it and I love it too. It is really easy to maneuver around, as the kids can easily just turn the front of the scooter or move their feet. I felt that this was great for their muscles. Even my daughter who is 16 months old is great at using this saddle scooter and she loves it! Thanks FNF for creating this product!
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    Fabulous Scooter
    Fabulous scooter! It is great for the little guys who are gravitationally insecure. The wheels are very smooth and it moves in all directions.
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    Rebecca M
    Saddle Scooter
    VERY disappointed in this product!!! It is so small that my 2 yr old can barely fit and it sits so close to the ground that his legs are uncomfortable when he tries to scoot it. My 4 yr old cannot even ride this. Certainly NOT worth the money! FUN AND FUNCTION RESPONSE: Thanks to your feedback , we recently introduced a new size! The large should do the trick. Thanks so much for helping us improve and offer more options and variety! The smaller one works for many of our customers and it is still available.
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    Good scooter
    This scooter is for a very specific child- small and needs security, which the scooter gives in the front and back. Works well for our needs.
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    Fun for kids
    Soft Saddle Scooter as reviewed on Amazon: At first glance the Foam Saddle Scooter this may seem like any ole push around product but it in fact is so much more. All of my children have taken a turn rolling and rolling, playing kick ball, scooting and more. The only one who has yet to master staying on is my 1 year old whom is very quickly learning balance and limitation by using this tool. It is actually amazing that even when it is not playtime, my youngest daughter (age 4) will sneak into our kitchen and close the door to play on the foam saddle scooter. She is actually our slowest child when it comes to gain independence and it is amazing to see her play alone and well with the foam scooter. While I cannot tell you what draws her to this piece; it happens everyday and has for more than two weeks now. That is simply amazing in my eyes as a parent. I for one am a mom of four very rambunctious, accident prone children and have fallen in love with the name of the tools/toys that you will find at Fun and Function. This one like many help bring them out of their shells and allow them to play like their friends do.
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    Momma Terri
    A great scooter!
    Fun and Function provided me with a one of their new red Saddle Scooters, which arrived right around spring break. I am a school therapist, but with school out my five year old claimed this as his. He propelled it easily around the house on our flat cement floors, and then took it with him on our weekend away, where he tried it out on uneven stone tiles. It was bumpier there, but still easy to roll. The four caster type wheels move easily in all directions. He even tried laying over it and pulling himself around with his hands. That would be a fun way to sneak in arm strengthening. This lightweight scooter is easy to carry. I had to “borrow” it from him for trying out at work. The plastic type covering over the foam is very easy to clean. I typically carry a bag with long handles from room to room, and the scooter fit on top of the bag as well as under my arm when I didn’t have the bag. If a child does not have the ability to sit independently, this scooter does not provide them that support, but a therapist’s (or parent’s) hands can make up for that with some children. One student who obviously benefits from vestibular stimulation especially enjoyed it as a reward. Another with less functional stability tried both sitting on it sideways and straddling it, and was able to move the Saddle Scooter with his feet while I supported his trunk. The result- happy with his accomplishment, he wanted to do it more!
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    Jennifer Miller
    Love this scooter
    My son has Spina Bifida and uses this a lot around the house. He lays over it and uses his hands to go. He absolutely loves this scooter and is very fast! His typical friends fight over it when they come over. It's great for all kids!
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  • Answered Questions
    How well will this go on carpet?
    What are the dimensions of product? From seat to floor?

    Also can this be used outside
    What is the weight of the Small Saddle Scooter?
Soft Saddle Scooter™Soft Saddle Scooter™
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  • Soft Saddle Scooter™
  • Soft Saddle Scooter™
  • Soft Saddle Scooter™
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For safe play, select products for your child's developmental age, which can differ from chronological age. Consult with your pediatrician or therapist for guidance.

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