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Superactive LED Bubble Tube

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Why We Love It

Watch These Bubbles Soothe and Awaken Your Senses

The bubbles in this Superactive LED Bubble Tube aren't just fun to look at – they actually have some distinctly magical (read: therapeutic) qualities. First off, they're great at stimulating even the most withdrawn individuals. They're also great at calming down overactive students. Are you wondering how it's possible for a single bubble tube to fill two such critical and contrary roles? Bubble tubes create a visual filter for incoming sensory overload. The flow of bubbles creates focus and relaxation and entices those who are otherwise disinterested by their surroundings. Hundreds of bubbles flow steadily up the Superactive LED Bubble Tube and the users can control their color for a semi-customized sensory experience.

  • A key component for sensory workouts
  • Great for anyone with sensory processing disorder, autism or dementia
  • Age 3+

Ideas for Use

Some uses of the Bubble Tube include distraction therapy, social interaction and help with the development and maintenance of dexterity skills through the use of the switches. Featuring a wireless controller with 9 switches, the user can control up to 8 colors visible from the tube. This wonderful feature allows consumers to create a sensory workout. The Bubble Tube's calming mode provides slowly-changing colors that can be used to induce relaxation or for de-escalation for individuals with dementia. This mode automatically starts if no button is activated for a period of 5 minutes.

Getting Started

The Bubble Tube operates at low voltage with the supplied transformer and requires a standard 100v AC outlet. Available in heights of 40", 60" and 80" (see dropdown above). For tubes 60" and over, we recommend the use of our bubble tube bracket to ensure stability (see accessories tab). The standard 9-button controller operate from a distance of up to 90ft., and utilize our new Qi charging system (pronounced "chee"). They have internal, rechargeable lithium polymer batteries and charge wirelessly using inductive charging coils. Simply set the controller down on the charging pad, and it charges! Complete with instruction manual the LED Bubble Tube is very easy to set up.  BCB solution is recommended to keep algae and bacteria growth to a minimum between water changes, and a Bubble Tube Platform is recommended to stabilize the tube so that it can be enjoyed from up close (see accessories tab). Approximately 30” of the bubble column sticks out of the platform so 40” tubes are recommended for when a platform is not desirable. 2 year warranty.

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Use with adult supervision.

Helps With

Mood & Attention, Visual Stimulation


Tube Base:

16" diameter X 8" deep

Tube diameter: 6"

Controller: 13" diameter x 4" tall

All dimensions are approximate.

Weighs 30 lbs. 

Available in 40", 60", 80" 

Additional Accessories


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