Chewy Wristband - Set of 2

Terrycloth Wristband for No-Mess Chewing

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  • Soft terrycloth wristband for oral stimulation
  • Absorbs drool instead of clothing
  • Machine washable
Item # WR3435

Chew without the mess! Your child will say goodbye to soggy sleeves with our high quality chewable wristband.  Safe for mouthing, our terrycloth wristband fits snugly and the soft organic cotton absorbs drool, minimizing social awkwardness.  Wristband strengthens oral motor skills and helps with sensory processing and sensory-motor needs. Machine washable. Perfect for moderate chewing. Adult supervision required. This item is not returnable. Set of two wristbands. Age 4+.

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1 1/4"D when not stretched on wrist.

Wristband can be stretched to 4 1/2"D.

Color: light green

Machine wash, cold. Line dry.

Just ordered these for my autistic son as an early Christmas present. He LOVES them!!! You get two for a great price, so I always have one in my purse. Great item!
Great buy loveeee them
My 2 year old soaks her sleeves biting, but now with these she loves it... I love their thickness and stretchy so great both many sizes especially because her hands are small.. Bought her 2 sets one stays in my purse to use when we are outdoors. Only wish if they can be made in different colors more girl colors would be nice like purple :)..
Chewy Wristband
Love this product my son who has C.P. was always chewing his sleeves leaving it soggy and gross. These bands are awesome!!
Chewy Wristband
So far so good with these. Our son is extremely orally focused, and he prefers to chew on cloth, so the plastic chewy's are not as helpful. It was good to find these.
Chewy Wristband
Great item, no issues with it. It's almost like a nice "security" thing for my son to have on him at school. Reminds him not to chew his clothes, and he likes having it. I only wish it came in more colors, mainly black or blue. Something that could blend in a little more and not let him stand out more than he already does. Would buy it again in a heartbeat. Purchased more than one set to have extras in case one gets misplaced or is in the wash. Thank You!
Chewy Wristband
My son loved these as soon as they arrived. He chews on so many objects that he shouldn't it was a relief to have something he could where that he was able to get the chewing relief if he needed it. If you have an inappropriate chewer I would highly recommend this product.
Chewy Wristband
This is a great product, my 4 year old daughter is autistic and has a tendency to bite herself when she is frustrated which leaves big sore bruises but i put these cuffs on her and she has taken to wearing them very well and has even slowed down on the biting and only bit herself, on the cuff that is, during ABA once today YAY! I would recommend these cuffs to anyone with little ones who have chewing/biting/oral fixation habits :D
Vera Keane
Chewy Wristband
My daughter sucks her shirts and this is a good alternative as her clothing remain clean and unstretched. There is something she likes about the fabric taste in her mouth... Fits a good purpose
Sara W
Chewy Wristband
The child I ordered these for is a rigorous chewer. He managed to chew through these within a few minutes.
Kari Krauss
Chewy Wristband - Set of 2Chewy Wristband - Set of 2
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  • Chewy Wristband - Set of 2
  • Chewy Wristband - Set of 2
  • Chewy Wristband - Set of 2
  • Chewy Wristband - Set of 2