Catch! Practice can improve eye-hand coordination!

Playing catch can be a struggle and create a social impediment. Try these tips to help every child enjoy the feeling of success when you catch the ball:

  • Start simple! If you have a “sports challenged” child, encourage play at every age and level. Try rolling a ball back and forth on the floor.  Sit with legs spread apart to create a “goal” if needed.
  • Use a large ball: Bigger objects are easier to catch.
  • Use a weighted or highly tactile ball: The sensory receptors will anticipate the “catch” sooner.
  • Stand close together while playing catch: Do this before trying to throw and catch at a distance.
  • Practice, practice, practice: Not everyone is gifted, but practice will show improvement. Just 5-10 minutes a day can make a big difference.
  • Use a sticky ball and glove that literally makes the ball stick to the hand: Later you can progress to a standard glove and ball.
  • Use a lot of different objects to give variety to learning how to catch: Frisbees, football, basketball, tennis balls, and rubber balls are all great options for mixing things up.
  • Remind the player to look at the target when throwing: Also, to look at the ball when catching.
  • Use boardagames: Puzzles, mazes, dot-to-dot and other quiet board games can help to improve visual tracking.
  • See if your child can track well: Follow a slow moving object from side to side without moving the head.  (By age 5, children should be able to do this ten times.)
  • Practice tossing with small scarves. Start with just one scarf.  Toss right, catch left.  Then toss left, catch right.
  • Sign up for a group sport only if the coach will work with your child. Otherwise, practice with your child yourself at home or research other options.



Playing catch in various forms is an important part of childhood. We hope these tips help your family to improve hand-eye coordination!

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