For most families, the holidays mean food. Hosting parties, visiting relatives, treats, gifts... Holiday drinks, dinners, snacks, desserts, treats, and don't forget cookies for Santa! Maybe you have picky kids. Maybe they have sensory issues. Maybe they have gluten or allergy issues.


I have picky eaters here; however, our usual holiday fare falls into the acceptable food parameters, so I have no holiday meal issues with them. But I know you might not be so lucky in that! Since I can't offer help - I turned to the internet. Take a look at these sites... They may just the ticket to getting your child to eat... something. These are mostly lists of ideas for you. I would pick the recipes, but if your kids are like mine: one won't eat the orange color, and one won't eat touching food (including chili, soup, stew, or casseroles,) and there's a dad who's just as picky - well then maybe you need to look through these to find what works for YOUR family.

    These should give you a start. If you find just ONE, well that's one thing your child will eat. That's a win!