Have fun! The brain learns more easily in a happy, loving, safe environment, engaged in doing something interesting. There are so many ways to inspire creativity

  • Have your child collect 5 items from their room, the kitchen or house.  Together create a story using the items. For younger children, use fewer items and for older children, use 10 items.
  • Gather arts and craft supplies and household items that can be used creatively.  Together create a puppet or character with your child. Rolls from paper towers toiler paper make a good body base; tissue paper or yarn/string can be hair, buttons can be eyes or a nose.  Then name your characters and create friends!
  • Make a storybook about the creative process.  Explain that a story needs a main character, a plot, a beginning and an end.  For example, photograph the making of a puppet (above) and use the photos to make a storybook.
  • Collect household items to make music together! Take turns being the conductor or the leader. Make up original songs about aspects of your child's life. Video or record the lyrics together to capture the moment.
  • Cuddle and read – then make up your own ending to a story.
  • Create an I Love You Box.  You and your child can make pictures and/or leave notes in the I Love You Box anytime.  When someone needs a pick-me-up, just go into the box to read a love note or look at a love picture!
  • Hiding notes in your child’s room, bathroom, or lunch box tells children that you are thinking of  them, even when you are not together, and promotes feelings of love.
  • Have special time with your child. Carve out 5-10 or 15-20 minutes of alone time to just “be.” No cell phone and no computer -- just you and your child.  Do let your child know this is special time to just hang out together, giving your child a sense of importance amidst the hustle bustle world of busy parents who are multi-tasking.
  • Have your child create a recipe that you make together! Teach step-by-step sequencing for this project. First think of the idea, and write the ingredients and utensils needed. Gather the items and  create your delicacy.  Take photos to create a picture book.
  • Draw, paint, mold, build,  and bake together.  Encouraging young children to use their hands with a variety of materials is good for their brain!

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