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Break Box: Sensory Tool Kit - Custom Choice

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25 Quart Gasket Box - Break Box®(empty-ready for filling) CF6018
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Find Me™ Lap Pads - Dino Land (23 x 11 inches) WR4273
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Find Me™ Lap Pads - At the Zoo (18 x 9 inches) WR4272
Find Me™ Lap Pads - At the Farm (13 x 8 inches) WR4271
Weighted Worm CF5874
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Cool Weighted Tie™ SP4950
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Busy Fingers™ Fidget Lap Pad SP4959
Mega Weighted Lap Pad and Cover - Mega Weighted Lap Pad™ CF5835
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Transformer Sensory Sack™ MW5873
Space Explorers - Animal Print, Large (56" x 28") MW5636
Space Explorers - Animal Print, Medium (47" x 27") MW5637
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Space Explorers - Animal Print, Small (40" x 26") MW5638
Crawl and Calm Resistance Tunnel - Large MW7339
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Reggie Regulation Ruler MS5843
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Yoga Deck for Kids on the Ball - 24 inch Therapy Ball set SR4696
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Yoga Deck for Kids on the Ball - 20 inch Therapy Ball set SR4695
Hand Eye Coordination Scarves Set MW5822
Weighted Tactile Beanbags - Set of 5 TC1801
Spiky Tactile Balls (Set of 3) BL5769
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Discovery Putty- Animal Rescue SP5042
Bubble Pop Starfish Fidget CF7479
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Discovery Putty- Sweet Treats SP7446
Pet Massager - Tickles the Turtle SP6808
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Pressure Foam Roller CF5821
Squishy Gel Cushions - Fishy CF4635
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Squishy Gel Cushions - Bumpy CF4636
B-Calm GP SR4004
Spaghetti Chewy Fidget CF6823
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Therapy Tangle SP5864
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Fidget Key Chain Balls - Set of 3 SP4775
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Product Description

A Treasure Box of Sensory Tools

Customize your own Break Box (or purchase a Ready-Made Break Box) to help students renew concentration, calm down or re-energize for better learning results. Choose from 35+ award-winning sensory tools that address classroom behavior issues and re-engage body and mind.

  • Provides sensory-based activities to help manage behavior
  • Choice of fine and gross motor tools, calming weight and heavy work
  • Enables students to self-regulate
  • Made by Fun and Function
  • Age 3+
Ideas for Use
  • Toss a Bean Bag when students ask or answer a question to sharpen coordination and focus
  • Work out with Space Explorers or Crawl and Calm Resistance Tunnel to strengthen muscles and increase alertness
  • Take a two-minute break with different activity stations. One group plays catch with Hand-Eye Coordination Scarves, one group races to find the most pieces in the Discovery Putty, one group buttons, zips and snaps and one group uses the Foam Roller to wake up or de-stress
  • Set goals to increase endurance. For example, for hands that fatigue easily, encourage child to roll or punch putty and see if child can write or draw for a minute longer each time
Getting Started

Watch video on ActiveMind School Partnership.

Use with adult supervision.

Helps With

Coordination, Fine Motor, Mood & Attention, Sensory Over Responding, Sensory Seeking, Sensory Under Responders


Customize your Break Box to improve classroom behavior and academic performance:
Sensory input and deep pressure for hyperactive behavior
Heavy Work for restless behavior
Calming tools for self-regulation 
Tactile Input for restless behavior
Massage and gentle vibrations to wake tired muscles
Work out the Wiggles
Reduce distractions for the auditory-sensitive
Fidgets to release stress and channel energy 


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