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Tools to Improve Focus in Various Settings

We all dream of a relaxing living room, a place to come home to after a long day. Sometimes all it takes is a comfortable couch and the familiarity of your home environment. However, for those with sensory processing disorders (SPD) it can take more specific types of sensory input. Our Sensory Room Design team works hard to make this dream a reality for kids with SPD so that they, too, can relax at home.


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Meeting Different Needs in One Action Room

Two schools in Isle of Wight County, Virginia dreamed of building sensory rooms to support their students’ needs. With grants from the Special Education Department, Lisa Phipps reached out to Fun and Function to begin working on the project. Each sensory room was designed as an action room, planned specifically to promote active movement, coordination and self-regulation.

Weighted products provide deep pressure input that soothes kids’ muscles. Our Busy Fingers Weighted Sensory Pillow is great for kids to hold on their laps as it simultaneously offers tactile stimulation. Running their fingers back and forth over the colored sequins helps refocus the mind to create a greater sense of calm. If your child had a lap pad he loves, then try using the LED Super Calming Cover! Similar to the weighted pillow, its shimmery sequins give plenty of tactile stimulation. It also features soft LED lights to promote extra calm.

Finding the right seating arrangement can be difficult if sitting still tends to make your kids more fidgety. We often turn to our variety of swings for their gentle back-and-forth motion. The Plywood Platform Swing adds a playful element to your living room, while helping your kids improve their balance and vestibular orientation. Our team also included a LimeLite™ LED Spool here. Easily tucked into a corner, it’s perfect for quiet sitting and kids can control how the colors change. With the right tools, you can create a truly unique living room that fits the needs of your entire family!

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