• Quick View Royal Jewelry Chew Set

    Royal Jewelry Chew Set

    Wear as jewlery to keep theses smooth-feeling fidgets and chewies nearby at all times.

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  • Quick View Silicone Sunshine Chewy Necklace

    Silicone Sunshine Chewy Necklace

    Bright as the sun with contrasting colors makes this necklace fun to wear and chew on!

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    Our Price: $29.99

    Save: $5.00

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  • Quick View Covered Chewy Coil

    Covered Chewy Coil

    Kids can wear this sensory coil to always have a chew or fidget at-the-ready.

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  • Quick View Robot Chewy

    Robot Chewy

    Robot Chewy is tough enough to withstand your chewers and biters who need an oral motor workout.
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Need tools to help with self-regulation and managing sensory overload? Chewing, fidgeting and stimming can help regulate emotions, relieve pressure and increase a sense of control. Our chewies, fidgets and stim tools support children, teens and adults with ADHD/ADD, sensory integration disorder (SPD), autism, dyspraxia – and neurotypical people who stim too! Choose from a variety of shapes and colors, from irresistible fidgets to playful stim toys to indestructible chews. Since the urge to chew, fidget or stim can arise at home, in school, at the workplace or during travel, the designs range from subtle to bold to safely support individual needs. Stimmers may also find relief in flapping, jumping and spinning – see helpful ideas for autistic behaviors in our blog post.