• Sensory Survival Kit

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    Therapist-designed tools for sensory breaks anytime, anywhere. Take on the go or keep nearby at school to meet the needs of sensory-seeking kids.

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  • Regulation Cubes

    Toss the Regulation Cube and pick an activity that meets your sensory motor needs.

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  • Fidget Keeper with Fidgets Kit



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    A complete kit for chewing, fidgeting and sensory processing that kids can wear!

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  • Sensory Bin Kit

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    The same tactile exploration and fun of a sensory table, with the convenience of easy storage and portability.

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  • Therapist Pick

    Classroom Break Boxes: Sensory Tool Kit

    From $199.99 - $499.99
    Quick! Open the Break Box and get 12+ tools to help tired, wild or restless students return to learning.

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  • Early Childhood Break Box

    Fun, colorful sensory tools that help engage young sensory seekers, under responders and over responders.

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  • Teen Break Box

    Sensory solutions and tools that help tweens and teens re-focus, self-regulate and channel restless energy.

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  • Break Box: Sensory Tool Kit - Custom Choice

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    Fill your Break Box with tools designed to help reduce disruptive behavior and improve focus in the classroom, clinic or at home.
  • Activity Guide: Take a Sensory Motor Break (10 Pack)

    Step-by-step activities to refocus tired, hyper or restless students in about ten minutes.

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  • Mood Stabilization Kit



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    All the pieces you need to get your kids back on track and feeling energetic and ready to learn!

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  • Visual Attention Teacher’s Kit



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    Create a personal office space in any home or classroom to help kids focus better on schoolwork or homework.

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  • Read and Learn Kit



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    The Read and Learn Kit helps your kids read better by blocking distractions and creating a comfortable reading environment.

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  • Bedtime Kit



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    A kit filled with just the items you need to lull your kids off to sleep.

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  • Circle Time Success



    Save: 15%
    Set kids up for circle time success! Kit includes tools that help curb the wiggles and boost focus.

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  • Self Calming Tools Kit



    Save: 12%
    Get all the tools you need to help a child stay calm in one place. Kit includes weighted lap pad, wiggle cushion, kids’ tent and more!

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  • Classroom Weighted Focus Kit

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    Classroom with the wiggles? Try our focus kit to help several students calm and attend at once.

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  • Sound-Proof Homework Kit


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    Got the after-school homework blues? Let the Sound-Proof Homework Kit help your kids focus, concentrate and learn while getting the job done stress-free!

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  • Sounds To Learn By Study and Test Taking Kit



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    Got the after-school homework blues? Try the Sounds to Learn By Homework Kit to help kids focus, concentrate and learn while getting the job done stress-free!

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  • Concentration Station



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    The Concentration Station helps kids and teens focus better by providing sensory input and visual guides during learning time.

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  • Too Cool Tween Homework Kit



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    This Too Cool Tween Homework Kit has all the tools to help tweens and teens focus better during homework time.

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  • Air-Lite Sensory Kit



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    Durable, portable, therapeutic and super fun! Includes tools to encourage movement, balance, motor planning and socialization.

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  • Quiet Time Kit



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    The Quiet Time Kit helps children calm down before, during or after learning with seven different calming activities and sensory-stimulating products.

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