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Cando® Latex-Free Exercise Band

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Why We Love It

All the Stretch without the Latex

CanDo latex-free resistive exercise bands are designed for flexibility – in more ways than one! Available in five different strengths and in different lengths that can be cut to size, these exercise bands can be customized to fit your specific exercise needs or the needs of an entire group.

  • Serves as a safe alternative to heavy weights
  • For kids and adults who want to strengthen their muscles
  • Easy to store at home or to take while traveling
  • Age 4+

Ideas for Use

Use CanDo latex-free exercise bands for upper and lower body exercise or as a source of sensory input and heavy work. These exercise bands are suitable for individual activities or they can be used by multiple children in a group setting. CanDo bands an excellent addition to physical therapy programs as well.

Getting Started

The bands are color-coded according to their resistance (see drop down above). Available in 4 levels of resistance for progressive exercise. Levels range in order of strength from least to greatest resistance and are packaged in a convenient dispenser box. To cut the bands just unroll the desired length of from the dispenser box and cut with scissors.

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Helps With

Fine Motor Coordination & Strength, Gross Motor & Balance Skills


5" (13cm) wide band
> Lightweight, compact and portable
50-yard rolls have a core that fits most dispenser racks

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