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Climb-Able Wall

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Product Description

For Early Learners and Young Climbers

Ideal for compact spaces, this climbing wall requires just four feet of horizontal wall space to install. The large, chunky WeeKidz® hand holds are easy for young kids to grasp, helping to build climbing confidence. The Climb-Able wall is easy to assemble and install. It can be mounted by itself, or alongside another climbing wall. The climb-able walls can be installed on cinderblock or concrete walls. For drywall or wood/metal stud walls, you would need to do a subwall of 2'x4's to attach to the studs behind the drywall before attaching the panels. The hardware that is included is only for cinderblock/concrete so the customer would have to get different hardware and materials to build the sub wall. 

  • Provides proprioceptive input to help improve sensory integration
  • Encourages critical thinking, heavy work and gross motor skills
  • Made by Fun and Function
  • Age 3+


Getting Started

Purchase with or without mats. Choose from 2” or 3” thick mats. These custom-designed mats also fold up and lock to the wall when it’s not in use, preventing children from climbing unsupervised.

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Use with adult supervision.

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  • Weighs 140 lbs. 
  • 8’L x 4’W x 2'D 
  • Wall made from baltic birch
  • Mats constructed of polyethylene foam enclosed in an 18-oz. polyester reinforced vinyl cover
  • Includes 20 hand holds
  • Installation instructions included
  • For Class C fire rated panels, please make special request. 
  • Each 4' wall segment comes with one corresponding 4x6 mat

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