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Grab and Go Sand

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Product Description

Mess-Free Weighted Sand for Sensory Play

Play, shape and mold the weighted sand -- without the gloppy sticky mess! With a consistency similar to wet sand, your creations hold their shape. Sand is dry, pliable and naturally weighted, offering proceptive input and tactile play. Includes storage tin for taking on the go. Keep busy fingers engaged on car rides, then pack it back up! Use with adult supervision.

  • Encourages heavy hand work, tactile exploration and sensory play
  • Supports children with ADHD, sensory processing disorder and autism
  • Made by Fun and Function
  • Age 4+

Ideas for Use

  • Squeeze sand to warm up hands before handwriting.
  • Hide small objects in the sand, then find them with your fingers.
  • Shape the sand into letters and designs.

Helps With

Fine Motor, Mood & Attention, Sensory Over Responding, Sensory Seeking, Sensory Under Responders, Vision


  • Includes carrying tin
  • Weighs 6 oz.
  • Silicone sand
  • Surface wash. Air dry.
  • Color: Orange

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Always select products for your child’s developmental abilities, which can differ from chronological age. Consult with your pediatrician or therapist for guidance.