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LED Fiber Optic Cascade - Calming

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Why We Love It

Let this Fiber Optic "Curtain" Curtail Your Stress

This LED Fiber Optic Cascade looks like a color-changing curtain, but unlike a regular curtain it doesn't gather dust – it gathers your nerves! Designed to assist with stress-reduction and calming, these LED lights change color slowly and with mesmerizing beauty to help you get calm and focused. The lights are also helpful for de-escalation for individuals with dementia. Made with LED fiber optics, the strands are totally safe to touch.

  • Provides calming visual stimulation
  • For anyone with sensory processing disorder, autism or dementia
  • Helps develop color recognition skills
  • Made from safe fiber optics
  • Age 3+

Getting Started

Product operates on low voltage with the included transformer to low voltage, and requires a standard 110v AC outlet. Comes with an instruction manual the Optic Curtain is very easy to set up. 2 year warranty.

Helps With

Mood & Attention, Visual Stimulation


Fiber optic strands measure approximately 8'L X 150 strands

All dimensions are approximate.

Weighs 23 lbs. 

Should be installed professionally to ensure safe installation. 

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Safety Information

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