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Portable LED Bubble Tube

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Why We Love It

Provides an Instant Calming Effect in Any Room

Need help falling asleep or calming down? This lightweight LED bubble tube travels easily between rooms or locations. Powered by a low-voltage transformer, set up is quick. The slowly changing colors and rising bubbles create relaxating mood anywhere. Perfect for homes, clinics or schools that don't have sensory rooms. Offers the same soothing effects of a permanently installed bubble tube, but on a smaller scaler. 

  • Provides stimulation for under responders and calming sensory input for over responders
  • Offers visual, auditory and sensory feedback
  • Age 3+

Getting Started

Instruction manual is included. 2 year warranty. Not intended as a permanent bubble tube in a dedicated sensory room, and is not compatible with bubble tube bracket or platforms.  

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Helps With

Mood & Attention, Visual Stimulation


  • Base has 13” Diameter
  • Tube is 40"H x 4" Diameter
  • Full height is 42"
  • Weighs 8 lbs. 

Safety Information

Use with adult supervision.

Additional Accessories


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