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Meeting a Range of Sensory Needs in One Living Room

Creating an environment that works for the whole family can feel like a daunting endeavor. Our Sensory Room Design team helps parents customize their homes, reducing any of the stress in determining what is right for your kids. In order to adapt this living room to be more sensory friendly for both sensory seekers and avoiders, our team chose a mix of tools that can be used for calming stimulation.


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Meeting Different Needs in One Action Room

Two schools in Isle of Wight County, Virginia dreamed of building sensory rooms to support their students’ needs. With grants from the Special Education Department, Lisa Phipps reached out to Fun and Function to begin working on the project. Each sensory room was designed as an action room, planned specifically to promote active movement, coordination and self-regulation.

Incorporating alternative seating options provides many kids with a spot that feels safe and comfortable for them to sit in. The Squeezie Seat lets them lounge or sit while receiving deep pressure input that soothes their muscles. Need a little motion to help settle down? Try our Concentration Rocker! Kids can sit back and relax as they gently rock back and forth in the entirely cushioned chair. Both of these are easy to move around, allowing for flexible arrangements whenever you need.

When the whole family is home, there might be a lot going on. We like to keep a pair of Noise Reduction Headphones in easy reach for kids to put on whenever they need more quiet. They can still participate in conversations and activities while wearing them. Heavy Herbert, our weighted companion, is perfect for your child to hold in their lap or hug for calming deep pressure input. Finally, our team included a set of Emotion Cushions to keep in this living room. In addition to offering another comfy seat for kids, they’re great for identifying emotions and expressions. By combining these different tools in a familiar environment, parents can help their kids learn to self-regulate and empower them to feel comfortable and capable in other places.

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