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Sensory Pathway Decals

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Why We Love It

Take a Sensory Walk

Hop, skip, jump - and boost focus too! Peel off the backing and stick the Sensory Hallway Decals on the floor and walls to create a custom sensory path. The 130 colorful interactive decals prompt kids to stretch, move and get the wiggles out, increasing sensory wellness and promoting increased concentration. Take a whole class sensory walk before class or during transitions as part of our ActiveMind program. Kids can also discreetly step out of class and into the sensory hallway and jump and play as part of their sensory diet. Bring your ideas to life! Explore all the Sensory Hallway options.

  • Integrate into OT or PT sessions to teach specific skills
  • Promote self-regulation and improved attention for all kids 
  • Made by Fun and Function 
  • Age 3+ 

Ideas for Use

  • Push the handprints on the wall as a heavy work activity
  • Alternate hopping, squatting and jumping using the lily pads and logs 
  • Stretch and reach for the stars and clouds

Helps With

Gross Motor & Balance Skills, Mood & Attention, Transition & Travel, Classroom Success


  • Includes 130 decals: 6 clouds, 10 stars, 4 logs, 6 lily pads, 8 birds, 8 arrows, 6 stones, 16 hands, 12 feet, 12 duck feet, 12 frog feet and 12 paws. Word decals include 2 "squat," 4 "jump," 4 "leap," 4 "push" and 4 "reach"
  • 3.4"L - 23.5"L 
  • Made of PVC coated cardstock
  • Surface wash. Air dry. 
  • Colors: Multi-colored


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