• In A Pickle

    A card game designed by pediatric therapists that makes sensory integration activities fun!

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  • Regulation Cubes

    Toss the Regulation Cube and pick an activity that meets your sensory motor needs.

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  • Sensory Bin Kit

    From $9.99 - $49.99
    The same tactile exploration and fun of a sensory table, with the convenience of easy storage and portability.

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  • Spiral Gel Maze


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    This spiral gel maze that strengthens fine motor coordination, intrinsic finger control and visual tracking!

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  • Therapist Pick

    Break Bag

    On-the-go sensory solutions! When kids need a sensory break, you’ll be ready with a tool for manipulating, weight or pressure.

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  • Therapist Pick

    Classroom Break Boxes: Sensory Tool Kit

    From $199.99 - $499.99
    Quick! Open the Break Box and get 12+ tools to help tired, wild or restless students return to learning.

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  • Early Childhood Break Box

    Fun, colorful sensory tools that help engage young sensory seekers, under responders and over responders.

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  • Teen Break Box

    Sensory solutions and tools that help tweens and teens re-focus, self-regulate and channel restless energy.

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  • Break Box: Sensory Tool Kit - Custom Choice

    Starts at $9.99

    Fill your Break Box with tools designed to help reduce disruptive behavior and improve focus in the classroom, clinic or at home.
  • Activity Guide: Take a Sensory Motor Break (10 Pack)

    Step-by-step activities to refocus tired, hyper or restless students in about ten minutes.

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  • Monkey Sensory Habitat

    Starts at $29.99

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    The Monkey Habitat for Sensory Seekers is perfect for kids with excess energy and aggressive behaviors.
  • Rabbit Sensory Habitat

    Starts at $19.99

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    An awesome sensory habitat for the home for kids that are overly stimulated.
  • Panda Sensory Habitat

    Starts at $29.99

    An at home sensory environment for 'Under Responders'.
  • Action Room - Standard

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    Improve self-regulation and learning success! Structured activity center features 11 physical, emotional and behavioral tools.

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  • Action Sensory Room - Custom Choice

    Starts at $13.99

    Improve learning focus with your own Custom Package, supporting students in movement breaks.
  • Self Calming Tools Kit



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    Get all the tools you need to help a child stay calm in one place. Kit includes weighted lap pad, wiggle cushion, kids’ tent and more!

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  • Air-Lite Sensory Kit



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    Durable, portable, therapeutic and super fun! Includes tools to encourage movement, balance, motor planning and socialization.

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  • Sensory Kit



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    The perfect sensory kit for kids of all ages, this set includes 3 tools for helping kids get calm, strengthen finger muscles and more.

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