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Tactile Tiger Brush

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Why We Love It

This Small Tactile Brush Packs a Huge Sensory Punch

This sensory brush has a bristled tactile surface on one side and a raised tiger design on the other, making both sides useful and attractive to sensory seekers. Designed for use at home or in a clinic, this brush can be used by individuals or by parents and therapists who want to provide extra sensory input to others. Replace brush when it starts to show signs of use.

  • Provides tactile sensory input wherever it’s needed
  • For anyone with sensory processing disorder or autism
  • Convenient size for purses and pockets
  • Age 6 months+

Ideas for Use

Use as a sensory brush to provide tactile stimulation and sensory input wherever needed. Use as a fidget toy to foster calm and focus during learning times. Many children who crave physical stimulation also have a strong desire to chew or grind their teeth. For this reason, the Tiger Tactile Brush is made with FDA approved material so it can be used as an oral motor tool for moderate chewers or teeth grinders.

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Helps With

Mood & Attention, Tactile Seeking, Tactile Defensiveness, Transition & Travel, Early Intervention


Brush measures 3"L x 2"W x 0.5"H

Brush color varies

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