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Transformer Sensory Sack™


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Therapist Pick
Sometimes you just need a place to cuddle or curl up alone. The Transformer is lightweight and portable for times when you need to crash. Ilana Danneman, Physical Therapist and Product Developer at Fun and Function
Item # MW5873
  • Resistance and Heavy Work in One Great Sack

    Need a change in mood? Our Transformer Sensory Sack can help you go from hyper to calm, from sad to happy, from distracted to alert! Provides deep pressure, resistance, heavy work and a safe space to snuggle. Kids love to just climb in, stretch, crawl, move, roll and relax with calming sensory integration therapy.

    • Supports kids with ADHD, sensory processing disorder or autism
    • Made by Fun and Function
    • Age 3+

    Ideas for Use

    Perfect for before or after school, and during breaks. Folds for easy travel and family trips.

    Getting Started

    Do not use while sleeping. One size fits all. Adult supervision required.

  • 40"L x 20"W


    Hand wash. Air dry.

    Color: Blue

  • Loving it!
    My son just turned 4 and is moderately autistic. He likes the feel of the fabric and it feels well made. But being inside the sack is overwhelming for him and he panics if it covers his head. Since we tried showing him he could be inside of the sack it has made him a little uneasy but we catch him playing with it every day since we got it. He likes to check it out at his own pace. We originally bought it knowing he wasn't a fan of being in enclosed spaces but lately we catch him building blanket forts and hiding in boxes so we thought we would give it a try. If you are on the fence about it, just give it a whirl. Its a well made product and feels really, really nice to touch.
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    Larry M
    Have no problems ... We ordered one of these before for our grandson and he lost it on a trip we took him on and he is so upset had to order another one. These sacks really help him.
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    Larry M
    Our grandson cant do without this bag..When he needs calming he goes and raps up into this . We lost our first one and had to order another one. Thank goodness we found this sight . We do recommend this .
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    It is a great product!
    My son loves it!
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    Met my expectations and more. First night, even slept in it. Highly recommend product. All the kids enjoyed trying it on but jackpot for my 6 year old.
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    Kids love it----and so do their caretakers...!
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    Aigy R G
    Christmas Gift
    My great nephew really liked the sack. His father put him in it and started swinging and you could hear the giggles. I'm sure he will have many pleasant times with the sack.
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    Mary Lynn
    Bought it for my granddaughter,she loves it her mom said she ran around alnight with it
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    The Sensory Sack is a big hit with our 12 yr old severely Autistic grandson.
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    Kathy C
    Transformer Sensory Sack
    We've just gotten this, and my son has just started using it, but so far he loves it. It seems to give just the right amount of resistance.
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    J Morton
    My son loves this
    The first time my son tried this was at school where the teacher had it from another parent whose child has sensory issues. She asked my son to check it out. He got in and immediately asked if he could use it in a specific situation that normally causes him a lot of stress. I was so impressed that he immediately identified how this could help him. Of course, I went home and got him one. Very stretchy and so far, my son hasn't destroyed it.
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    Love this
    My nephew LOVES this product. It hugs him, he can hide in it, he can just cuddle up when he feels anxious. It is perfect for us.
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    I like it
    My son is 4 and is reluctant to use it, but I want to keep it for future use. It's very stretchy and soft and I'm quite sure it will come in handy down the line
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    Transformer Sensory Sack
    This this has been an amazing help for us! My son (6 years old, dx ASD at age 2), has a very difficult time keeping his body calm and staying organized. He LOVES to get wrapped up in the Sack and stretch his body against the fabric. After a particularity harrowing outing, he came home and went straight for it. He wrapped himself up and did not come out until he was calm.
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    Brie L
    Transformer Sensory Sack
    So far so good, it looks great and is soft. We will see how she likes it on Christmas
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    Guin S
    Fun Sack
    The sack is a little big for my 4 year old, but he still enjoys it. Makes a nice hiding place for him. Good quality, nice stretchy fabric.
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    • Developmental Needs:
    • Sensory processing
    My son loves it!
    My son, 12, loves this! He can become very tense, anxious, and frustrated during homeschool and doing school work. He covers his head and stretches his body out inside the Sack. This item takes care of his sensory needs and helps him to relax. We are very glad to have it. My other son wants one too!
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    Jennifer Salas
    • Developmental Needs:
    • Autism
    • Easily frustrated
    • Learning disability
    • Sensory processing
    • Anxiety
    Excellent calming environment
    My son finds the transformer sack very calming! He loves the soft feel of the fabric, the pressure, and the full body wrap. i have a feeling I'll be ordering several more so he can have one nearby whenever he needs it - car, backpack, moms bag, school, church, etc
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    Very calming and makes him happy
    My son struggles with managing his anxiety disorder on top of his sensory processing disorder which is challenging as he's faced with too much stimuli every day. This sensory sack is wonderful for him as it provides a little haven where he can curl up and relax as it provides him with constant calming pressure. He will sit in it to watch TV, read, at the computer and he will use it as he stretches and scoots along the floor. We love it!
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    Jeanette Cain
    • Developmental Needs:
    • Easily frustrated
    • Sensory processing
    • Generalized anxiety disorder
    he loves his "tent"
    this a little to big for my son right now but that means we will get to use it even longer but he loves it because its like a tent to him and he LOVES that!! and i know once he is a little bigger he will enjoy it more!!
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    Our imaginations transform!
    No need for instructions on this item! I handed one to the kids and they immediately crawled in it and took turns playing "guess what I am"? One thought she transformed from a caterpillar into a worm, another was a super hero and another wanted to mummify himself and go to sleep! Great transformer sack!
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    Calms Us Down
    What a great way to calm down. We love this sack. Our kids can stretch and move in it but they also like to snuggle down into it and shut out the world around them. It's perfect to use anytime. What a great name too!
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    Another fun product!
    Another great item for our kid's active imagination! Little do they realize they are getting some heavy work in while pushing and and pulling, tugging and stretching. So much fun... one of the boys wants to sleep in it!
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  • Answered Questions
    My daughter is almost 13, and is 5' 5'' tall. Would this be too small for her? Is there a larger one available?
    I was curious about the dimensions, I'm not seeing them on this one like with the space explorer ones.
    I am looking at the Transformer Sensory Sack, Space Explorers, and Hug (Lycra) Sleeping Bag. My kids are leaning towards the sleeping bag because they want the option of sleeping in it, but ai feel like the other two look way more stretchy and fun. Please compare/contrast these so I can have a better understanding of which to order. Thank you.
    What is the difference between this Transformer Sensory Sack and the Space Explorer? I'm trying to decide which one to get for my 5 year old sensory seeking son with autism.
    Thank you!

Transformer Sensory Sack™Transformer Sensory Sack™
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  • Transformer Sensory Sack™
  • Transformer Sensory Sack™
  • Transformer Sensory Sack™
  • Transformer Sensory Sack™
  • Transformer Sensory Sack™
  • Transformer Sensory Sack™
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For safe play, select products for your child's developmental age, which can differ from chronological age. Consult with your pediatrician or therapist for guidance.

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