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Vibrating Sensory Snail

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Product Description

The Perfect Pet to Calm and Stimulate

The perfect pet companion, our Vibrating Sensory Snail is soft, multi-textured and moves as you wish. Gently pull the string to turn on the snail’s vibrating belly. The soothing vibration stimulates under responsive children and calms the over responsive. For tactile exploration, feel the stretchy blue antennae, curly red neck and fuzzy green back.

  • Encourages touch and interaction
  • Supports children with ADHD, sensory processing disorder and autism
  • Imaginative fidget toy
  • Made by Fun and Function
  • Age 3+

Ideas for Use

Use the snail during therapy sessions and as a prop for speech language activities. Travel with the snail for smooth transitions and to engage children’s attention.

Helps With

Mood & Attention, Sensory Seeking, Sensory Under Responders, Travel Issues


  • 5" x 5" x 2.5"D
  • Colors: Red, green and yellow
  • Made from plush polyester
  • Surface wash. Air dry.

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Always select products for your child’s developmental abilities, which can differ from chronological age. Consult with your pediatrician or therapist for guidance.