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Sensory Activity Panels

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Product Description

Supports Multi-Sensory Activities

  • Provides wall-mounted structure for multi-sensory activities
  • Learn through touch, play and cause and effect
  • Supports hands-on activities for mood regulation, motor skills and visual processing
  • Made by Fun and Function
  • Age 4+

Wall Panel Frame:

Our Wall Panel Frame provides a sturdy base to hold a range of sensory wall panels and can be installed directly on the wall in your classroom, clinic or home. The Frame makes it easy to slide each sensory wall panel in and out, switching activities for sensory play, soothing calm or stimulation. Wall Panel Frame (choose from dropdown) required for inserting the wall panels. One frame can be used for multiple panels (each sold separately). 

Mood Wall Panel: 

Happy? Angry? Flip the panels to watch the facial expressions, clothing and hairstyles change. Observe the differences in the expressions and faces to identify the emotions people feel. Supports self-regulation as children learn to recognize and express their feelings. 

Animal Maze Wall Panel: 

Help the hungry animals find their favorite foods! Using the magnetized maze, match the dog, cat, mouse and bee to the bone, milk, cheese and nectar. The knobs are easy for young children to manipulate and move. Sliding and matching encourages motor skill development, eye tracking and visual processing.

Optical Illusion Wall Panel: 

Spin the handle and watch the circles transform into optical illusions before your eyes. Observing the transformation helps improve tracking, visual sensory processing and focus. Includes three circles for varying effects.

Use with adult supervision.


Wall Panel Frame

  • Includes installation hardware
  • 21"L x 18" W x 2.4"D
  • Weighs 3.75 lbs.
  • Made from non-toxic laminate covered MDF composite wood
  • Surface wash. Air dry.
  • Colors: wood and silver

Wall Panels (each sold separately)

  • 19.7"L x 17.7"W x 1.2"D
  • Laminated medium-density fiberboard
  • Designs are carved into boards
  • Surface wash. Air dry.
  • Mood Wall Panel: Weighs 4.8 lbs. White.
  • Animal Maze Wall Panel: Weighs 5 lbs. White with green and yellow knobs.
  • Optical Illusion Wall Panel: Weighs 5.7 lbs. White.


Wall panel collections have been tested by an independent and accredited third-party lab, and meet or exceed government safety standards for banned phthalates, lead, formaldehyde emissions, and physical and mechanical hazards. Our products comply with applicable voluntary, mandatory and best practice guidelines wherever such standards exist.

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