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August  4

Tues | 1:30pm ET

Sensory Story Time - Sara Dreamer

Eda Shottenstein

More details to follow...


Meeting ID: 85849490566

Find your local number: https://zoom.us/u/aqAuDB2w3

August 6

Thu | 1:30pm ET

Digital Devastation

Michelle Mintz

Are your children enganging in too much technology? Join us for Q&A with OT Michelle Mitntz for digital devestation solutions.


Meeting ID: 83186889863

Find your local number: https://zoom.us/u/aqAuDB2w3


July 21:
Sensory Story Time: "Put me in the Book" By Robert Munsch
-Kelly Rossi with Zach and Vivi Berger, Rivkie Berger OTR/L 

July 16:
The Levine Neurodynamic Approach: OT FOR YOUR CHILD'S SUCCESS!
-Chaiah Levine OTR/L

July 14:
"Create Family Bliss"
-Avital Schreiber Levy

July 9:
Breathing Through the Rainbow: Mindfulness Techniques for All Ages and Abilities
-Dr. Deborah Mann

July 7:
Sensory Story Time: The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle
-Rivkie Berger, OTR/L, Kelly & Ryley Rossie

July 3:
Patriotic Sensory 4th of July Play and Activities
-Danielle Lake

June 30:

Covid 19 - Thoughts from our Fun and Function Team
-OT panel: Danielle Lake, Rivkie Berger, Adina Steinberg. Parent panelist: Hanna Lob. Moderated by: Goldie Grossman

June 29:
Sensory Story Time: Making Friends is an ART!
-Julia Cook

June 25:
Stress Behavior or Misbehavior, Helping You Tell the Difference
-Dr. Stuart Shanker

June 24:
Surviving and Thriving Summer 2020
-Sarah Ottensoser

June 24:
Powerful Proprioceptive Activities that can Help Your Child Stay Calm, Focused, and Alert
-Danielle Lake, OTR/L

June 23:
Sensory Integration and Floortime: A Recipe for Social-Emotional Growth
-Andrew Klein

June 22:
SST - Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day
-Leiba Silverman

June 18:
Handwriting, Copying and Spelling: A Visual Perspective
-Dr. Lederman

June 17:
Families with a Sensory Child in Quarantine
-Dr. Kavitha Krishnan

June 16:
Interoception, The Eighth Sense: Influence on Self-Regulation and Mental Health
-Kelly Mahler and Chloe Rothschild

June 15:
Calming Sensory Tools to Help Relieve Anxiety
-Danielle Lake

June 15:
Sensory Story Time: Peanut Butter and Jelly
-Ryley and Kelly Rossi/Leiba Silverman

June 11:
Anger is a Feeling Not a Parenting Tool
-Sarah Radcliffe

June 10:
Infant Massage Benefits and Tummy Time Tips & Tricks
-Rachel Coberly

June 9:
Helping Your Child Manage Big Emotions
-Keira Merkovsky, LCSW

Webinar Resources:
>Handout for Helping Your Child Work Through Big Feelings
>HANDy for Keeping your Cool

June 8:
Sensory Story Time: What Should Danny Do?
-Ganit and Adir Levy

June 4:
How to Teach Kids to Stop Being Bullied
-Izzy Kalman

June 3:
Meeting Health Goals During Covid-19 and Beyond
-Jill Friedbauer

June 2:
Relationship Reset: Positive Parenting with your Partner
-Avital Schreiber Levy

June 1:
Sensory Story Time: Pete's a Pizza
-The Bergers/Leiba Silverman

June 1, 3 & 5:
Exploring our top products that are easily able to be sanitized and used between sessions
-Danielle Lake, OTR/L

May 28:
Achieve Sensory Regulation with Yoga
-Gloria Trevino

May 28:
A Closer Look at Swings and Jumping (Part 2)
-Danielle Lake, OTR/L

May 27:
Helping families connect around healthy food
-Katie Kimball

May 27:
A Closer Look at Swings and Jumping (Part 1)
-Danielle Lake, OTR/L

May 26:
Distance Learning and Children with Disabilities
-Selene Almazan Esq.

May 25:
Magical Memorial Day Extravaganza
-Zezy Fuld

May 18, 20 & 22:
How to Create a Sensory Room/Quiet Space/Quiet Corner at Home
-Danielle Lake, OTR/L

May 21:
Understanding the Principles of ABA
-Deena Singer

May 20:
Autism in Lockdown
-Karen Simmons

May 19:
Physical Effects of Trauma
-Chana Studley

May 18:
Sensory Story Time: Pearla and her Unpredictably Perfect Day
-Rochel Lieberman, MA CCC-SLP

May 14:
Calm Body, Calm Mind Through Teletherapy
-Estee Sacks, OTR/L

May 13:
How to Inspire Healthy Family Habits
-Nomi Levy

May 12:
Autism and Teletherapy: Encouraging Outcomes
-Evangeline Bauer

May 11:
Sensory Story Time: Amelia Bedelia
-Rivkie Berger, OTR/L and Leiba Silverman

May 7:
Parenting While Running On Fumes
-Dvora Entin

May 6:
Sensory Pyramid (Taking Care of You)
-Bethany Arkills, MOT, OTR/L
Webinar Resources: Sheet> and Pyramid>

May 5:
Dyslexia: Know the Signs and Next Steps
-Rochelle Garfield

May 4:
Sensory Story Time: Sara the Bucket Filler
-Rivka Fishman

April 30:
Boundaries: What does that have to do with our World Situation, our Children and Families?
-Allan Gonsher

April 29:
Occupational Therapy and The Sensokids
-Dr. Reema Naim

April 28:
The Power of Music: Social Emotional Drumming
-Jorge Ochoa

April 27:
Sensory Story Time: If You Give A Mouse A Cookie
-Rivkie Berger OTR/L and Leiba Silverman

April 24:
Strategies for Supporting Skill Learning in the Home
-Lauren Blumenthal 

April 22: 
How to make the most of your OT Products
Aviva Weiss, OTR/L and Danielle Lake, OTR/L

April 21:
Asperger’s, COVID-19 & My Coping Strategies
-Alex Manners   

April 20:
Sensory Story Time: Going on a Bear Hunt
-Rivkie Berger, OT   

April 13: 
Sensory Story Time: Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you See 
-Rivkie Berger, OT 

April 8: 
The 5 R's of Homeschooling at the Primary Level
-Kelly Rossi and Angela Berry 

April 7: 
Therapeutic Activities Appropriate for Telehealth
Presented by Specialists from The St. Nicholas Center for Children, Lake Charles, LA
-Jessica Riddle (OT), Michelle Kramer (ST) and Zack Storer (ABA)  

April 6: 
Premiere of Sensory Story Time: Where the Wild Things Are
-Rivkie Berger, OT

April 2:
Sensory Sensitive Circus Skills for Parents and Kids! -Big Apple Circus
-Lisa Lewis

April 1:
Meltdowns 101: How to understand and respond
-Dr. Ilyssa Bass PhD

March 31: 
Getting the most out of teletherapy: Tips for therapists and parents
-Nechama Cantor, OT

March 26: 
Screen-free learning
-Ilana Mann and Goldie Grossman, Ed. D.  

March 25: 
Setting up structure at home with e-learning (and get your kids to eat their veggies)
-Goldie Grossman, Ed. D. and Danielle Lake, OTR/L 

March 24: 
How to Cope When your Child is Not Receiving Services
-Dr. Robyn Koslowitz 

March 23: 
How are caregivers caring for themselves
-Aviva Weiss, OTR/L and Danielle Lake, OTR/L 

March 19:
Creating Calm and Communicating about Anxiety
-Ruthy Lynn