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Bite Bands - 6 Pack


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Therapist Pick
Thick and absorbent Bite Bands are great for chewing, don’t make kids stick out, and protect their clothing from getting drenched and holey. Aviva Weiss, MS, OTR/L at Fun and Function
Item # GO4391
  • Say Goodbye to Slobbery, Chewed-Up Shirts!

    Bite Bands are super absorbent necklaces designed for children who need to chew or bite for calm and focus. Unlike plastic chew necklaces, these terry cloth bite bands soak up drool, keeping shirts dry even after extended periods of chewing. Bite Bands also exercise oral motor and facial muscles to prepare kids for good eating habits. Includes 6 bands. Non-returnable. Use with adult supervision.

    • Offers alternative chewing surface to clothing
    • Supports challenges of ADHD, sensory processing disorder and autism
    • For moderate chewers
    • Made by Fun and Function
    • Age 4+


    • 12"L
    • Set of six includes one of each color: red, yellow, blue, green, purple, orange
    • Made from polyester/cotton blend
    • Machine wash. Air dry. 

  • Grace
    They work great for her.
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    Bite Bands
    The production of the item was great but it was not something my child was interested in. I am still rating 4 stars- it was a risk for my chewer anyways!
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    Carly C
    The only unexplainable mystery secret presented itself every morning as a wet and/or a puncture in a tee short after a delayed diagnosis of autism. Last summer was my first opportunity with my beautiful granddaughter to turn therapy into play at a local autism center. Through education, observation and interaction the sensory activities that had been occurring around me with my love one now had links. I used medical and therapeutic experts and the internet to link my research. Bite Bands was the perfect choice of tools and assessment to fit a customized sensory need. The dirty little secret has been positively fueled by imagination and the right to dream with the appropriate tool.
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    Bite Bands
    My grand daughter's night shirts were wet and holy. Somehow, my daughter did not get what was going on with the night drool. I placed the order and kindly explained to her parents that she needed this tool to help in self adjustment, Now the entire family is on board with the process. No more wet shirts!
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    Mildred J
    works great
    I think it helps calm him down.
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    Just what he needed
    This is my second purchase of these although they don't last forever they work very well for my son. He is a heavy chewer and only likes fabric!
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    Shanna F
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    Very helpful
    These bands have saved my child's shirts!
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    It's not so cool to drool.
    Bite Bands to the rescue!
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    These are perfect for my daughter who was going through a shirt a day chewing on it. These best part is you can just throw it in the washer at the end of the day! Highly Recommend!
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    Bite Bands
    I love the bite bands for my daughter. Before them we were going through a shirt a day with her wanting to chew! End of the day we just take off and throw in the washer! Highly recommend!
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    These are amazing. My son has stopped chewing on his clothes. He likes the colors and thinks they are fun to wear.
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    I liked the bite bands because it came in different colors and they are washable. They are NOT for aggressive chewers. My daughter chewed a hole in one of them the very first day. Also her shirt would be soaked.
    Pros of bite bands: comes in different colors. They are washable. Cons of bite bands: not for aggressive chewers. Shirt gets wet
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    Bite bands
    my grandson loves them
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    Not worth the price!
    You could make or buy something like this at Walmart for a fraction of the cost. Definitely, NOT worth the price!
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    gets soggy and stinky
    We tried these after my son pulled the cord out of one of the necklaces from pulling on it so much. These worked ok for a while. However, my son started biting and pulling on them instead of chewing and they ended up with several "pulls" / loose strings in the terrycloth-like fabric. They absorb a lot of saliva, which is great, but they get soggy and stinky very quickly. Fun and Function response: The bite bands can be machine washed and air dried which will deal with the sogginess or smell.
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    • Developmental Needs:
    • No dx, but chews clothing/ sleeves frequently
    Bite Bands
    I like the absorbency of the bands.
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    Michelle H
    Bite Bands
    My daughter is a very persistent chewer and these save her shirts but get very damp pretty quickly.
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    Bite Bands
    These are for my granddaughter and her mother ordered them a couple of weeks ago and she seems to like them I am hoping for the best as she soaks her shirt necks by this sucking
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    These bite bands are absolutely the best investment I've ever made for my 5 year old with sensory issues and possible autism (we're still in evaluation). My son is an aggressive chewer and after about a dozen chewed through shirt collars his teacher enlightened me that there are products for kids like him, special kids who chew, chew, chew! I searched online and luckily I found fun and function and these little gems. Since the first order he has taken to these bite bands, they keep him calm, comfort him and help to relieve his anxiety. Soooooo glad we found these!!!!!!
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    • Developmental Needs:
    • Autism
    • Easily frustrated
    • Sensory processing
    • Anxiety issues
    Great for my son that has sensory issues with his mouth
    Love the colors and they are washable
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    Great Product
    These bite bands are perfect. There are enough to wear a new one each day, so I can wash the slobbered ones. The different colors make it easy to keep track of which have been worn.” - G. G.
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    G. G.
    These are amazing. They don't look odd to have on and they are super absorbent. The kids can pull on them and they just stretch. They can chew these and save the t shirts. You should have a new slogan "Save a shirt....use a chew band". Perhaps set it to song to get the word out. LOL....These things are truly wonderful.
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    Pleased with this Purchase
    From the moment the package was opened, my four year old son has gotten immediate use out of these. He was excited to see the bright colors, and I have been excited to have these bands replace the pillows or clothing he previously chewed/ sucked on. He tends to primarily default to putting something cloth into his mouth when he has nothing to do with his hands, or is anxious/nervous. They appear to be well made, have held up well in the wash/dryer, and are serving their purpose well! I also like that he can keep one in his backpack and easily pull it out/slip it on at preschool when needed.
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    Erin Goode
    Bite Bands!
    My son Nikky loves the Bite Bands. He stole one as soon as I had the package open. While he will wear them as a necklace, he prefers to just hold it in his hands. As a result, it serves double duty as something to chew on and something for him to fidget with. While he still chews on his clothes, as long as I remember to hand him a Bite Band when he starts chewing, he is more likely to leave his clothes alone.
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    Melinda Stephens
    Awesome for Kids that Chew..
    I brought these for my daughter she keeps chewing her shirt collars up, which she has ruin so many. Since getting these she no longer is chewing on her shirts, awesome product….
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    Melissa McClellan
    Bite Bands
    These are the best chewies for my son. They keep his shirt more dry than the plastic chewies and he can't bite pieces off of them. Even the "heavy duty" plastic chewies were easy for him to bite through! These are much safer for aggressive chewers, like my son.
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  • Answered Questions
    How can I sterilize the chew?
    How do I clean the chew?
Bite Bands - 6 PackBite Bands - 6 Pack
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  • Bite Bands - 6 Pack
  • Bite Bands - 6 Pack
  • Bite Bands - 6 Pack
  • Bite Bands - 6 Pack
  • Bite Bands - 6 Pack
  • Bite Bands - 6 Pack
  • Bite Bands - 6 Pack
  • Bite Bands - 6 Pack
  • Bite Bands - 6 Pack
  • Bite Bands - 6 Pack
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