Mealtimes can be a time of fun and great company, but can also be very stressful for everyone involved when there are picky eaters at the table. For parents, there is the constant pressure to ensure children are receiving adequate nutrition, which, combined with a child’s need to assert their autonomy can lead to anything but a peaceful meal time.


Try the following tips to help make mealtimes more enjoyable and help avoid the power struggles that can occur.

timer if you have to (it can be visible to you or both you and the kids) and let them know when the meal will end, the food will also end but don’t hold it over them, just state it as a fact. Minimize distractions at the table such as toys, gadgets and the TV, which will help your child focus on eating.

Sit down and have a meal together as a family. Since kids learn best through modeled behavior, they need to watch you eat and enjoy different foods to learn how to do the same. Through modeling, they learn how to chew, eat different food types and textures and learn how to use utensils. Children also learn about sitting and table routines. For children that have a difficult time staying seated, try using a Check out our collection of sensory cushions to help kids sit at the table during meals.

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