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Calming Sensory Space for Homes - Full package

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Why We Love It

Calm Down in the Calming Sensory Room!

Feeling anxious? Calm down in a sensory wonderland! Add the entire collection of sensory tools to create a dream calming room, or customize your sensory experience by choosing the options that work for your needs and space. Practice mindfulness as you gaze at the rising bubbles in the Custom Corner Bubble Tube Area. Feel a sense of calm as you manipulate the strands of the UV Fiber Optic Sensory Lighting Kit. Learn to identify your body parts as you see yourself reflected in the funhouse distortion mirrors. Build core strength as you roll yourself across the room in the Air-Lite Barrel Roll. This attractively designed custom-made calming space is a great addition to your playroom or sensory room.

  • Engages kids in sensory exploration through play-based activities that stimulate minds and bodies
  • Supports kids with ADHD, sensory integration disorder or autism
  • Made by Fun and Function
  • Age 5 +

Ideas for Use

  • Practice making different faces and gestures in front of the distorted mirrors to learn to identify emotions
  • Sit in the ball pool with a friend. Can you identify the colors of the balls?
  • Chill with a book in the Cozy Canoe

Safety Information

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