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Chewy Wristband - 2 Pack

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Be Safe

Why We Love It

Say Goodbye to Soggy Sleeves

Sick of drool-soaked and frayed clothing? These thick, terrycloth bracelets are made from super absorbent cotton that absorbs drool and keeps sleeves dry. They fit snugly on kids’ wrists, providing a great alternative for kids who chew on clothing, hair or hands. Soft against the skin with tagless design to reduce irritation. Snug fit provides deep pressure input. Machine washable and long-lasting durable design. For moderate chewers. Non-returnable.

  • Ideal for oral-focused kids who prefer terrycloth to silicone chewies
  • Supports sensory seekers and chewers
  • Made by Fun and Function
  • Age 3+

Ideas for Use

  • Wear in school or when traveling to redirect from biting and self-injury
  • Use to apply calming pressure on forearms and wrists for relaxing and organizing
  • Wear discreetly under sleeves for inconspicuous sensory support
Use with adult supervision. Inspect chew before each use. Discard immediately if any part of chew is damaged.

Helps With

Oral Motor Skills & Chewing, Mood & Attention, Transition & Travel


  • Includes two wristbands
  • Wristbands: 3"L x 3"W. Circumference: 2.5" stretches to 5"
  • Weighs 1.1 oz. total
  • Made of 90% cotton, 6% rubber and 4% nylon
  • Machine wash. Air dry.
  • Colors: Green or blue


Chewy Wristbands are designed to support children with various sensory needs. The fabric has been tested by an independent and accredited third-party lab and meets or exceeds government safety standards for lead and physical and mechanical hazards. Where applicable, seam strength is tested for long-term durability.

Always select products for your child’s developmental abilities, which can differ from chronological age. Consult with your pediatrician or therapist for guidance.

When using our products, remember that you – as the caregiver – know your child best. Please follow our safety recommendations, and provide additional supervision as needed for your child.

Though no chewy is indestructible, our categories can be helpful when choosing a chewy. Make sure the chewy you choose is appropriate for your child’s development and needs. Please follow our safety recommendations for chewies. Chewies should always be used with adult supervision.