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Pencil Toppers-3 Pack

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Product Description

Chew and Fidget While You Work

For more focused-test taking, writing and homework! Chewable pencil toppers double as a fidget tool to calm restless fingers. They also add gentle weight to the top of any No. 2 pencil, helping to calm and steady the hand during writing. All are made from durable chewy silicone, with each type offering different therapeutic benefits depending on the sensory input your child needs (see details for more info). Use with adult supervision. These items are not returnable.

  • Provides a chewing and fidgeting outlet during writing activities
  • Texture supports oral motor and tactile exploration
  • For medium to heavy chewers
  • 3-pack with varied colors
  • Made by Fun and Function
  • Age 4+

Helps With

Biting, Sensory Seeking


Made from silicone. Free of BPA, phthalates and latex. Surface wash. Dishwasher safe - top rack only.

Chewy Pencil Toppers are smooth with shapes for mouths to explore.

  • For heavy chewers
  • Each topper is 3.5”L
  • Weighs 2 oz. 
  • 3-pack includes blue, purple and green toppers

The smooth ridges on the Textured Pencil Toppers provide sensory input and encourage tactile awareness without overwhelming sensitive mouths.

  • For medium chewers
  • 3.5”L x .5” diameter
  • Weighs 2 oz. 
  • 3-pack includes red, blue and yellow toppers

Chunky, chewy star on Star Pencil Toppers offers extra tactile stimulation and encourage sensory seekers to bite and explore.

  • For heavy chewers
  • 3.5”L x .5” diameter
  • Weighs 2 oz. 
  • 3-pack includes red, blue and yellow toppers

Shaped like a queen chess piece, the Chess Pencil Toppers have ridges for oral exploration.

  • For moderate chewers
  • 3”L
  • Weighs .4 oz.
  • 3-pack includes red, black and gray toppers

Fidget Pencil Toppers have two smooth sides and two textured sides for oral motor and tactile exploration: raised squiggles and checkerboard on one side; ridges and a round bump on the other side.

  • For light chewers
  • 2"L x .5"W x 1.75”D
  • Weighs .6 oz
  • Includes 3 gray toppers

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Always select products for your child’s developmental abilities, which can differ from chronological age. Consult with your pediatrician or therapist for guidance.