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Magical Apparel Vests and Dress-up - Police Dressing Vest

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Why We Love It

Weighted Police Dress Up Vest

Play cops and robbers with this unique, weighted police dress-up vest. Hone your fine motor skills while opening and closing the buckles, straps, zippers and snaps. Weighted clothing provides proprioceptive input while promoting focus and calm. Wear at school, home or on the go.

  • Encourages imaginary play while improving fine motor skills
  • Supports kids with sensory integration disorder and fine motor challenges 
  • Made by Fun and Function 
  • Age 3+

Getting Started: Features four front and three back interior pockets to hold weights. Place weights into pockets based on weight and preferences. Weights sold separately.

Ideas for Use

  • Use Police Dressing Vest for the perfect Halloween costume
  • Add vest to your dress up center to increase dress up options
  • Dress up your child as a police person to increase your child's imagination

    Helps With

    Fine Motor Coordination & Strength, Mood & Attention


    • Features four front and three back interior pockets to hold weights (sold separately)
    • 17.5"L (back collar to hem). 38" to 42" circumference
    • Weighs 9.6 oz.
    • 100% cotton canvas vest with 90% polyester 10% rubber elastic. Vest details are polyester, copper, ABS, POM plastic and cotton.
    • Machine wash cold with like colors. Air dry.
    • Colors: Black vest with gray accents

    Safety Information

    Weighted clothing are designed to support children with various sensory needs. Tested by an independent and accredited third-party lab, this clothing item meets or exceeds government safety standards for lead and physical and mechanical hazards. We also test the seams of the fabric and adjustable weights to help ensure the long-term durability for our most active wearers.
    Use with adult guidance.

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