Small but Mighty

Maximizing Small Spaces for Sensory Benefits

Designing a sensory space at home allows for incredible customization of your unique space. Our Sensory Room Design Team works with you to transform the available space you have into the perfect place for your kids to receive the sensory input they need. This calming room utilizes a few carefully chosen products to create an inviting and relaxing environment, all within a small space.


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Meeting Different Needs in One Action Room

Two schools in Isle of Wight County, Virginia dreamed of building sensory rooms to support their students’ needs. With grants from the Special Education Department, Lisa Phipps reached out to Fun and Function to begin working on the project. Each sensory room was designed as an action room, planned specifically to promote active movement, coordination and self-regulation.

We set up a calming corner with our Cozy Canoe, weighted blanket, and Noise Reduction Headphones. The Canoe’s deep pressure input helps kids feel safe and soothes them as they sit in it. If they’re still feeling overwhelmed, they can add the Weighted Blanket for additional calming input. Keeping a pair of Noise Reduction Headphones on hand helps kids block out agitating background noise, while still being part of the family happenings.

Our team also installed a Raindrop Swing as another cozy seating option. Kids can practice motor planning and improve their vestibular orientation as they swing. The stretchy fabric provides just enough resistance to give a hug-like feeling, too.

By incorporating the right mix of products to enhance the space you have, our team can help you provide the sensory input your kids need right in your home!

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