We’d like to introduce you to a disability rights activist, motivational speaker, gamechanger, and our dear friend...Michael Kutcher!


Michael is well known for his advocacy work. He works with Be the Gift to promote organ donations, the Cerebral Palsy Foundation, and as an active member of the Kutcher family which is known for their philanthropy involving human rights and disability rights and resources. Michael is a delight to speak with! You can read our in-depth interview with him here where he discusses his family, childhood, career, and where he sees the disability rights movement going in the future.


Here are some of our favorite interview moments! Let's continue the conversation - you can share how you #DreamDifferent too by sharing your story here!


Is there a pivotal moment or person from your childhood that you still look back on today?


Is there a piece of advice or knowledge you wish you could tell childhood you?


What is the future that you imagine and what steps do you think we need to begin to take to get there as a society?


How has Cerebral Palsy influenced the trajectory of your life and career?


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