Sensory Holiday Gift Guide 2017 Holidays are so incredibly special. Who doesn't love the sights, sounds, scents and tastes of this special season? And sharing the excitement with a special gift is always a highlight. We especially love this time of year when we can offer suggestions of playful gifts and sensory tools geared toward children with unique or special needs. To help you easily find just the right gift, we're highlighting some of our favorite picks for the 2017 holiday season. The gifts range in style and price, and each can provide support and empowerment for children, teens or adults with special needs.
Transformer Sensory Sack
Transformer Sensory Sack
Some of our most popular solutions are designed to work at virtually every life stage. For example, our bestselling Transformer Sensory Sack can help you go from hyper to calm, from sad to happy, from distracted to alert! Simply climb in and snuggle, stretch, crawl, move, roll and relax with calming sensory integration therapy. Lightweight and folds for easy travel and family trips.
And our world-famous weighted compression vests, for toddlers to adults, are designed to provide an all-day hug in a choice of colors, graphics, and comfortable fabrics.
The sweetest age. These angels are just beginning to wake up to their sensory and motor needs. As babies and toddlers start to roll, crawl, walk and run, they are learning to explore their environment using their senses. Great gifts for these littlest ones include tools to wake up the senses and encourage safe, secure motion.
Sensory Holiday Gift Guide 2017 - Toddler Swing
Toddler Swing $99.99. Bring sensory therapy to your doorway! This Toddler Swing has a flexible fabric swing that cradles and comforts. The calming motion entertains and relaxes babies and toddlers. Age 6 mos.+
Sensory Holiday Gift Guide 2017 - Find Me Lap Pad
Find Me Lap Pad $34.99-$38.99. Provides sensory input through the lap to keep your little ones grounded. The Find Me Lap Pad also doubles as a great hide-and-seek game right on your lap, each with scenes of different animals to spot.
Sensory Holiday Gift Guide 2017 - Weighted Plush Pickle
Plush Pickle $49.99. Otherwise known as Mr. Pickle, this weighted fellow is ideal for car rides or story time. Soft and snuggly as a stuffed animal friend, with added weight to provide sensory input and encourage heavy work.
Sensory Holiday Gift Guide 2017 - Bead Chew Necklace
Rainbow Bead Chew Necklace $22.99. Safe for babies and kids, the necklace is fashionable enough to be worn by moms too! The soft silicone beads encourage oral motor exploration and calm with a soothing chew experience. Age 6 mos+ when worn around the adult's neck.
Sensory Holiday Gift Guide 2017 - Squeaky Spots
Squeaky Spots Kids who need a little encouragement to walk, run or jump, can step on a spot and hear it squeak. The auditory feedback teaches cause and effect, and helps kids keep moving and hopping from one spot to the next.
Sensory Holiday Gift Guide 2017 - Mushy Smushy Bean Bag Chairs
Mushy Smushy Beanbag Chairs $31.99-$69.99. Beyond a beanbag. You can sit on them, snuggle with them or toss them around the room. A great spot for a young bottom to feel secure while learning to sit and balance as well.
Sensory Holiday Gift Guide 2017 - Soft Saddle Scooter
Soft Saddle Scooter $52.99. Learning to control legs and core may not come naturally for every child so our Saddle Scooter comes in handy before a first trike or bike. We love the narrow base not commonly found in other ride-on toys.
Sensory Holiday Gift Guide 2017 - Fishy Gel Seating Cushion
Fishy Gel Cushion $24.99. Find the fish, toss it like a Frisbee or sit on it and wiggle. The Fishy Gel Cushion is a sensory integration delight for your smallest kids.
They are on the go now but starting to understand their place in relation to others. Emotional intelligence becomes a crucial part of learning how to relate as well as self-regulate throughout a school day. Great gift items for these kids help identify "how do I feel?" and which movement or sensory activities will help.
Sensory Holiday Gift Guide 2017 - Emotion Cushions
Emotion Cushions $199.99. So how do you feel? Happy? Sad? Excited? Choose the cushion that fits your mood and then you can sit on it, stand on it, roll it or just give it a hug.
Sensory Holiday Gift Guide 2017 - Happy Pillow
Happy Pillow $29.99. No more time out. We're all about Happy Time. Use this pillow with attached, hidden fidgets as a reward, a place to sit and think happy thoughts, or a nighttime friend.
Sensory Holiday Gift Guide 2017 - Let's Go Finger Fishing
Let's Go Finger Fishing $25.99. Kids can learn to button, snap, and zip while playing with these soft adorable fish. Includes a soft hook for fine motor practice and pretend play.
Sensory Holiday Gift Guide 2017 - SensaSoft Pocket Seat
SensaSoft Pocket Seat $89.99. Who doesn't love a bolster seat. Comfy, yet firm. And this one has fun pockets to keep those busy fingers safe and secure!
Sensory Holiday Gift Guide 2017 - In a Pickle Sensory Diet Game
In a Pickle $35.99. In a Pickle Game comes with 75 cards that illustrate alerting, calming, resistance, strengthening and balance activities. You or your child can choose the card that fits the need. Then do the activity that helps you both out of a pickle!
Sensory Holiday Gift Guide 2017 - Penguin Weighted Blanket
Penguin Weighted Blanket $99.99. This adorable weighted blanket is so soft and soothing. Cozy animal shape and heavy flippers with pockets for your hands! This fun fellow is great company, with adjustable weights for calming compression.
Sensory Holiday Gift Guide 2017 - Web Tower Swing
Web Tower Swing $239.99. Climb or swing? Always a tough choice, but not with the Web Tower Swing that encourages both. Holds multiple kids at once so a great time for all.
Sensory Holiday Gift Guide 2017 - Snuggle Sheet
Snuggle Sheet $49.99. For sensory seekers, the snuggle sheet will keep all ages tucked in tight for the night with just the right amount of compression to relax agitated muscles. Available in both full and twin sizes.

Tweens are incredible! Movement is crucial to keeping the sensory system in check with the increasing demands that school and outside activities place on them. Popular gifts for these older kids encourage socialization, movement and sensory integration.
Sensory Holiday Gift Guide 2017 - Shake and Move Sensory Sack
Shake and Move Sensory Sack $159.99. Like a portable ball pit, this is the perfect place to jump, stretch or scrunch down. You can swing smaller kids back and forth using the handles, while older teens and adults can use the handles to stretch for additional sensory input.
Sensory Holiday Gift Guide 2017 - SensaSoft Squeezie Seat
SensaSoft Squeezie Seat $299.99. Tweens will love this seat that hugs you right down to the core and provides a gentle rock. Perfect for the den, classroom or clinic.
Sensory Holiday Gift Guide 2017 - Emotion Balls
Emotion Balls $49.99. Smile, frown, cry, or release your worries with the Emotion Balls. Bounce, toss, and mirror expressions to encourage social skills, empathy, self-awareness and mood regulation.
Sensory Holiday Gift Guide 2017 - Marble Finger Fidgets
Marble Finger Fidgets $12.99. Simply irresistible and totally quiet, these soft and engaging fidgets are favorites of tweens who love to manipulate the marble inside, over and over again.
Sensory Holiday Gift Guide 2017 - LED Blanket
LED Blanket $129.99. Super soft and glowing with stay-cool LED lights, this blanket is so visually awesome that every tween will want one for their bedroom.
Sensory Holiday Gift Guide 2017 - Vibrating Neck Pillow
Vibrating Neck Pillow $59.99. Sometimes intense input is what's needed to calm the body. This Vibrating Neck Pillow can help wake up the most reticent kids and calm the most agitated. Easy switch on, switch off too!
Sensory Holiday Gift Guide 2017 - Social Emotion Regulation Box
Social Emotion Regulation Box $219.99. Part of building social skills is realizing that it's not always about how I feel, but how do you feel and how do I know? The Social Emotional Regulation Box is like a Pandora's box for feelings filled with tools that help kids awaken their emotional and social intelligence.

Mr. and Mrs. Independence just arrived and the key is providing them with opportunities for social, emotional, physical and sensory hygiene. The coolness factor is important for older kids, and these gift ideas deliver.
Sensory Holiday Gift Guide 2017 - Stretch Band for Group Activities
Stretch Band for Group Activities $94.99. Like a big group hug and a wonderful cooperative activity where each child can feel in sync with the movement. Terrific for classrooms, gyms, physical education and parties!
Sensory Holiday Gift Guide 2017 - Patriotic Fidget Spinner
Patriotic Fidget Spinner The coolest trend continues this year and we have a whole collection of high quality spinners, including this fun red, white, and blue version so that teens can safely spin their way to calm and focus.
Sensory Holiday Gift Guide 2017 - Jumbo Weighted Lap Pad
Jumbo Weighted Lap Pad $65.99. This weighted lap pad with its larger size and weight is ideal for older kids, teens and adults. A wonderful homework companion or desk companion while studying, working or test taking.
Sensory Holiday Gift Guide 2017 - Teen Gel Cushion
Teen Gel Cushion $35.99. Got the wiggles? Teens wiggle too, and the Teen Gel Cushion offers an age appropriate style to help sit, wiggle and work.
Sensory Holiday Gift Guide 2017 - Fidget Pad
Fidget Pad This one will keep their fingers super busy with several buttons that click just like a mini remote control. A perfect stocking stuffer for your holiday fun.
Sensory Holiday Gift Guide 2017 - Discovery Putty Emoji Excitement
Discovery Putty Emoji $14.99. Emojis are a hot, fun way to express feelings. This teen-tough Discovery Putty is designed to really take a squeeze, and filled with emojis to help with awareness and expression of how they feel.
Who said sensory tools were just for kids? We are sensory beings throughout our entire lives. Give the gift of staying calm, engaged, and feeling good after a day at work, a day with the family, or even an hour with your toddler.
Sensory Holiday Gift Guide 2017 - Calming Weighted Comforter
Calming Weighted Comforter $139.99. Calm on demand. Adults can grab a favorite book after a long day or fire up the DVR and snuggle up with this cozy throw. Surrounds you with weight and comfort to calm and relax.
Sensory Holiday Gift Guide 2017 - Pocket Gel Fidget
Pocket Gel Fidget $9.99. The perfect size to keep in a handbag, pocket, or backpack for those stressful meetings or long wait lines when a little fidgeting can help you keep calm and cool.
Sensory Holiday Gift Guide 2017 - Bubble Wall
Bubble Wall $2499.99. Give the gift of a sensory oasis in your home or office with this Bubble Wall at the center. With a remote and changing colors, it's easy to customize the space to create just the right feel.
Sensory Holiday Gift Guide 2017 - Currambera Hammock Swing
Curramberra Hammock Chair $129.99. A perfect escape for the whole family. Spending a few minutes in this hammock chair is like a trip to nirvana. Great for family rooms, dens or your back porch.
Sensory Holiday Gift Guide 2017 - Cozy Canoe
Cozy Canoe $149.99. The adult appropriate size of our super popular Cozy Canoe offers a perfect spot to read, nap, or just relax. Combine with the weighted comforter for sensory heaven.
Sensory Holiday Gift Guide 2017 - Denim Marble Maze
Denim Marble Maze $12.99. A fidget they won't want to put down, this maze will keep fingers busy, and help activate the mind and minimize the stress. A great gift for seniors too!
No matter the age or abilities, sensory tools can make incredible gifts for just about anyone with a holiday wish. Use the Solution Finder at for more great ideas or call 1.800.231.6329 for personalized guidance from our expert team! be-safe-icon65x78 Use all products with adult supervision. Please review our detailed safety guidelines.