Children navigate so much during the school day. The academic expectations and social dynamics, coupled with the sounds, smells and sights of a busy school building, can be overwhelming for children.

Sensory tools can help children focus, calm and engage with their environment. The weight of a lap pad, the texture of a fidget or the sensation of a cushion might provide the necessary input for a child.

A portable sensory space, such as our SensaSoft Igloo Playhouse, can be set up anywhere - no construction required. The soft padded walls, placed in the library, classroom, indoor play area or even right near the cafeteria, can provide children with a secure place to meet their sensory needs. As children grow and their needs change, the sensory space can be disassembled and placed elsewhere in your school building.

Portable Sensory Space - SensaSoft Igloo Playhouse
SensaSoft Igloo Playhouse
Portable Sensory Space - Cozy Canoe as a 'Sensory Corner
Chill Corner


To learn about sensory space solutions that match your students’ needs and are suitable for your school, connect with our team to start designing your sensory room today. You’ll get the clear information and professional insight you need to choose tools that are right for your students and school.