We received an email from one of our customers, Celina, back in 2013 about Fun and Function's role in her life. Celina is a single mom of three children, each with extra sensory needs.

She is also a big comic book geek and a joy to talk to! Since she was such a big fan of our products — especially our popular compression vests —we asked her to share a little bit about how using these products has changed her life.


"My 7 year old, Conan, has Asperger's and anxiety. The compression vest REALLY helped with keeping him calm. For him, it was overwhelming to go somewhere. The vest is breathable and has velcro on side, which is great. I bought a compression vest for my older son as well. The compression vest gave immediate relief. When I put it on my kids, they became ragdolls - the change made me laugh! With it, they have more relaxation and better self-regulation. There's three of them and there's only one of me...I only have two arms!"

"The other thing that helps me out so much is the support of the special needs community as a whole. As a special needs parent, your whole life just changes, and it makes you so grateful for community. Fun and Function products help with that, as they become a talking point for other parents to bond over.

I appreciate every little thing my kids do, like getting dressed by themselves, or them telling me "I need this." They couldn't self-regulate before. Now, I have sleep back!!! It's awesome.

I can't thank Fun and Function enough to provide this for us. Having tangible products for a parent to use is wonderful. Every time Christmas rolls around, I only want Fun and Function things!"


Thank you so much for your time, Celina! How about you - what's the Fun and Function product you can't live without? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments, at customercare@funandfunction.com, or on our social media pages!