Sensory needs never take a break

Fun and Function has the products you need to plan the optimal sensory diet for the kids you love. No matter if it's noon or night. 

A sensory diet is a tailored program of sensory activities and strategies. It is used to help manage sensory needs and help kids maintain optimal regulation throughout their day. 

As a kid progresses through their day, from wake-up at home all the way through a typical day at school, their sensory needs keep changing. 

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But with the proper planning and the right products, kids can get the sensory stimulation or calming input they need to get through their day in the best way possible! 

A well crafted sensory diet can impact the child’s attention, activity levels, behavior ,learning and skill development.

For steady proprioceptive input, send them off to school wearing a stylish Weighted Compression Vest for hug-like compression throughout the day. 

Need a quiet way to work off the wiggles without disturbing the rest of the class? Try a Chair Fidget for Feet. Or use it as a stretching exercise for heavy work that really lets off lots of restless energy. 

It’s lunchtime, and the cafeteria can be a difficult place for kids who struggle with sensory overload. Give them the calming and grounding weight of a Wipe Clean! Weighted Lap Pad that they can drape inconspicuously on their lap. 

Sitting in one place while learning for hours? Not a good idea for a sensory-seeker! Sitting or bouncing on the Chair Ball is the perfect flexible seating option to engage the core, help with focus and attention and promote active learning. If you’re looking for something less obtrusive than a sensory ball, the Wiggle Cushion is a discreet outlet for movement during circle time, desk work or while eating.

Noisy spaces might be unavoidable in school or while at a game, but the Noise Reduction Headphones can minimize distracting or stress-inducing auditory input by up to 20 decibels. 

If there’s one product that’s helpful throughout the day, it’s a fidget! Give fidgety fingers a calming outlet while providing tactile stimulation at the same time. 

A sensory diet can be used as a treatment strategy as well as a preventative tool in advance of known behavior challenges or exposure to known triggers in specific environments at different times of day. Take a careful look at your child's day and create the diet that works for their specific needs

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