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Maximizing Space to Meet Kids’ Needs

The EBS Children’s Institute of Philadelphia is a leading research, training and teaching organization. Their expert staff work to advance the field of special education and pediatric therapy through innovative learning strategies and resources. Katie Killeen, Program Manager, contacted Fun and Function to design a large action room at the clinic. She said, “Every inch of our clinic has been thoughtfully planned with your child in mind. The result is a comfortable and nurturing environment where children are inspired to reach their fullest potential.”

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Meeting Different Needs in One Action Room

Two schools in Isle of Wight County, Virginia dreamed of building sensory rooms to support their students’ needs. With grants from the Special Education Department, Lisa Phipps reached out to Fun and Function to begin working on the project. Each sensory room was designed as an action room, planned specifically to promote active movement, coordination and self-regulation.

Katie wanted our standard action system, but didn’t have a large enough space. Our Sensory Room Design Team quickly set about customizing a design that would fit her space while keeping safety parameters in mind. The goal for this action room was to help children improve their gross motor skills and coordination through purposeful movements and whole-body actions. These skills also serve as lifelong tools that help kids address social, emotional and sensory needs.

Our creative team installed climbing walls in the room to maximize the vertical wall space available. The climbing wall promotes balance, reach, focus and, of course, climbing. The ball pit provides children with deep pressure sensations and proprioceptive feedback. Floor mats ensure that there is a cushioned surface for jumping and playing. We also set up a variety of swings, which have been shown to promote vestibular orientation, motor planning, sensory integration and overall wellness.EBS’s new sensory room enables them to further their work with children with special needs, by offering the tools and experience to meet each child’s individual needs.

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