Autism Awareness Month: 10 Activities for You and your Family

Do you have autism or support someone with autism? We want to hear your story! Tell us about yourself, and your plans during Autism Awareness Month.  Share our suggested activities with friends and family — and add your ideas too.

Often numbers are used to describe autism, a neurological disorder which affects about 3.5 million Americans. But stats don’t tell the whole story. As Dr. Temple Grandin once observed, “The most interesting people you’ll find are ones that don’t fit into your average cardboard box.”

1.Take a virtual walk during Autism Awareness Month

It’s important to appreciate the challenges. Autism can impact communication, sensory processing, social interaction or repetitive behavior. Many innovative videos simulate the sensory overload that autistic people can experience when walking down the street, for example, in the video below.  Or take a minute to have a virtual cup of coffee with Carly, a filmmaker and book author with non-verbal autism, who produced the video (below) with her father.

2. Get Social and Stay Engaged

Join our warm and supportive community on Facebook.  Connect with us on Instagram. This is a great way to share your wisdom and get ideas from peers who understand the challenges of special needs.


3. Find Autism Toys and Sensory Tools that Help

Autistic kids and adults will sometimes flap their arms or rock back and forth to manage the stress of sensory input. However, autism toys and sensory tools can help to filter and process the stimuli.

Autism Awareness Month - SensaSoft Mushroom Soft Play Furniture

SensaSoft Mushroom Soft Play Furniture


4.  Become a Sensory Savvy Advocate

Raise awareness locally. You can also educate your community on the benefits of a sensory room. These adaptive environments support self-regulation and inclusion. Fun and Function creates high-impact sensory rooms at airports, churches, synagogues, community centers as well as at schools, homes, therapy clinics, and dental practices.

Autism Awareness Month - Sensory Room ChillSpa

ChillSpa Sensory Room


5. Keep Learning

Keep up-to-date with strategies for physical and emotional security. For example, AngelSense has a sensory-friendly wearable solution with GPS and voice-monitoring. This can be vital for non-verbal people with autism. For socializing, Friendship Circle has local activities to foster meaningful friendships with peer volunteers. And 4-legged creatures can play a role too.  Autism Service Dogs can be a calming presence and are trained to help with safety.


6. Speak at Your Local School

Raise awareness in your child’s school or at your local community organizations. You can speak on topics that are close to your heart. If you’re not comfortable in the spotlight, reach out to other parents, teachers and therapists to collaborate.


7. Attend an Event for Autism Awareness Month

Express your support and attend events that raise awareness, insist on acceptance, or fund research.  Reach out to your local organizations for details on walks and fundraisers.


8. Contribute Therapy Tools and Equipment

Offer a weighted blanketcompression vestfidget or chewy to a family or school in need. Ask the teacher what the class needs most,  and use an online site to generate support and contributions.

Autism Awareness Month- Soft Plush Weighted Blanket

Soft Plush Weighted Blanket

Autism Awareness Month - Explorer's Vest

Explorer’s Vest


9. Share Job Opportunities

Some autistic people have heightened perceptual skills that are especially valuable in computer programming, military intelligence, and other industries. Over time, more companies are valuing neurodiversity. Check out our workplace resources and search for job training opportunities for yourself or others.


10. Get Moving during Autism Awareness Month

Take a hike, go on a bike ride, and explore the great outdoors. Or take a trip with friends to get some exercise and fresh air. Prefer the indoors? Enjoy a compression and stretch day using Space Explorers, Stretch Bands, Transformer Sacks or a Stretch Band for Group Activities.

Autism Awareness Month - Stretchy Dino Wrap

Stretchy Dino Wrap

Autism Awareness Month - Transformer Sensory Sack

Transformer Sensory Sack


Most of all, enjoy this special time of year. Reach out to those families, caregivers, educators and clinicians who are dedicated to empowering people with autism. Let them know you care!

And stay inspired for yourself and others. As Alan Turing said, “Sometimes it is the people no one can imagine anything of who do the things that no one can imagine.”

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2 thoughts on “Autism Awareness Month: 10 Activities for You and your Family

  1. We need to spread the news. AUTISM is not contiguous. Everyone needs to know it is just that simple. They are not wired the same. It takes them a bit longer or a diffrent way of saying and doing things we normally take for granted. We are all diffrent that is what makes us UNIQUE in our own way. Ricardo is high functional. My son was diagnosed when he was 2 yrs old. Then I took him again and they said it was a was more of a sensory issue. I still have to take him one more time. He still has Autism tendacies. He is also ADHD and suffers from anxiety. We try new things, planting, coloring, going to the movies (He has sensory ear muffs). We went on a mini train ride. That was his all time favorite. He also likes legos & transformers, which is good for your fine motor skills. I wouldnt change anything for the world

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