We have a new Featured Professional to introduce you to! Gloria is a professional who works with kids with special needs and graciously answered a few questions.


Fun and Function: Who are you and what is your profession?

Gloria J.: I'm Gloria J. and I'm a teacher.


FF: What company do you work for?

GJ: I work for a School system in Georgia.


FF: What is the nature of special needs you work with the most?

GJ: Autism.


FF: What would you say is your biggest challenge in working with children with special needs?

GJ: Not having enough money to fund more classes, therefore there are too many children in a class.


FF: What is your greatest joy in your job?

GJ: Seeing progress made in any area, but especially hearing their first word or first true attempt at real communication.


FF: What has been the greatest help to you in your profession?

GJ: My students! They are always forcing me to do more and find better ways to reach them.


FF: Give us one tool you would hate to live without?

GJ: Boardmaker. I find it a necessary piece of equipment given the strength of the visual for the child on the spectrum.


FF: If you could give one piece of advice to a parent who's child has just been diagnosed, what would it be?

GJ: Remember your child is still your same child. He or she just needs a different approach to learning. Begin the task of finding where to send him and who is a good one to help with this team effort. If you don't feel an active part of this process, you may need to find a different person to help your child.


Gloria, thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us and all the readers here at Fun and Function.

If you would like to be a featured parent or professional, just let me know!