Military families with children who have special needs have it especially tough. They move often, and they don't have the continuity of care, resources, and support for their kids.


Fun and Function recently received a call from the Air Force because they're looking to support families. This is awesome! It means that the military is giving kids with special needs greater attention.


Here are a couple of links to give you more information:


Hill Air Force Base has teamed up with Utah State University for a new federally funded 5 year program geared towards military families who have children with special needs.


The fiscal 2010 National Defense Authorization Act, signed by President Barack Obama in October, mandates a standard program to support military families with special needs, establishes a Defense Department Office of Community Support for Military Families with Special Needs, and requires a comprehensive policy on support to families.


See Overcoming Barriers Faced by Military Children with Special Needs and Support Improves for Families with Special Needs.