We are frequently asked: "How long should my child wear the weighted vest?" "How much weight does my child need?" "When are the right times to wear a weighted vest?"

While there is no single formula, certain behaviors may guide a wearing schedule, in consultation with your OT. For example, is the child having difficulty with self regulation during the day, or with a specific task? When and where do you observe issues with attention and focus?

The deep pressure, or proprioceptive input, of a weighted vest can increase on-task behavior as documented in research that measures the impact.

Wearing Times for Weighted Vests - Weighted Compression Vest
Weighted Compression Vest
Wearing Times for Weighted Vests - Weighted Tactile Beanbags
Weighted Tactile Beanbags also can be used in Weighted Vests

Pair The Vest With the Activity

You can use a weighted vest just for specific times and activities such as doing homework, working at a desk, taking a test, etc. In these cases, it may be best to wait and put the vest on just as the activity is beginning or a couple of minutes beforehand. When the activity is over, you can remove the vest. Think of it much like putting on a weighted apron to have a dental x-ray. Its purpose is served during the actual activity. And some of us, by the way, love those weighted dental aprons!

Wearing Times for Weighted Vests - Stretch Denim Weighted Vest
Stretch Denim Weighted Vest

Start At 5%

Though there is no magic weight, we recommend 5%, which just adds a slight amount of weight to your child. You can add more if it is craved, tolerated or needed as most vests have pockets to hold additional weights. We do not recommend more than 10% for a vest though it is up to the parent and therapist to make that determination. We also caution against using weights with children who have compromised joints such as muscular dystrophy.

Wearing Times for Weighted Vests - Explorer's Vest
Weighted Explorer's Vest
Wearing Times for Weighted Vests - Explorer Vest - Inside View
Interior Pockets hold the Weights

Consider Social Applications

Will your child feel socially comfortable in a weighted vest? One idea is to have 2-3 weighted vests available for the classroom so no child is singled out. You can also vary the source of weight by offering weighted lap pads, suspenders, cap or scarf.

Wearing Times for Weighted Vests - Mega Weighted Lap Pad
Mega Weighted Lap Pad
Wearing Times for Weighted Vests - Kids' Weighted Suspenders
Kid's Weighted Suspenders

Let Your Child Choose

In addition to feeling socially comfortable, it is often best to let your child or teen choose their own vest so they can select the style, material and look that they prefer. A hug tee or under hugger can be paired with the vest for all day compression, or for when the vest is off.

Wearing Times for Weighted Vests - Hug Tee
Hug Tee
Wearing Times for Weighted Vests - Denim Weighted Vest
Denim Weighted Vest

Keep A Sample Vest on Hand

As a therapist, it is great to have a sample vest available to trial. Teachers will love you for this and can give you instant feedback on its effectiveness before they suggest a purchase to the parents.

A vest can be real lifesaver for many children, teens and adults with sensory needs. The wearable weight provides the compression and comfort of a hug at home, school or work.


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