The right seating solution can help improve concentration at school! Active seating lets kids move around while still in their seats, and engages core muscles to help improve focus. Kids with restless energy can wiggle around on sensory seating like a textured inflated sensory cushion, gently bounce on a ball chair or tilt on a wobble stool for sensory stimulation while learning. Contact us to learn about our flexible seating options.


Weighted Products

Weight and pressure promote calm for kids of all ages. The deep pressure input organizes and calms the body for greater relaxation and improved behavior. Kids can drape a weighted blanket over their shoulders in a calming corner, or sit at their desks with a weighted lap pad. Contact us to learn more about our enormous range of weighted products and choose the tools that are right for your school.



Kids want to succeed in school, and our Break Boxes can help! Our curated collections of popular tools help kids focus, channel their energy, and regulate their emotions. Use our tools to develop fine motor skills, provide calming pressure and heavy work, promote tactile exploration and more. Check out our Break Boxes for teens and early childhood too! Contact us to learn about interactive online training and customized Break Box options.


Fidgets and Chewies

Some kids need extra sensory input, and our fidgets and chewies provide that input in a safe and appropriate way. Kids with busy fingers can’t resist squeezing, rolling and manipulating our fidgets! Tactile stimulation helps calm restless energy and promote focus. For kids who have the urge to chew or bite, our safety-tested chewies can help them cope. Chewing can provide an outlet for stress and support concentration and self-regulation. Contact us to create a collection of fidgets or chewies that fits your students’ needs.