Can you jump six inches or a foot high? Can you land on a specific spot? Jump over a log or off a block? Jumping is a coordinated, heavy work activity that promotes motor planning, balance, muscle development, coordination and improves bone density! Sensory seekers can jump for sensory regulation, while sensory avoiders can use it to wake up their bodies.

Many children begin to jump between ages 2 and 3, although some start later. Our OTs love to encourage jumping for the various benefits it has!

  1. Sequencing and Counting Games

Practice number recognition by having kids jump the correct number of times. They can do this in place or with a jump rope. Use theNumbered Spot Markers to add a visual aspect, too. For more of a challenge, ask kids arithmetic questions and have them jump according to the answer.

  1. Wake Up Call

Jumping increases alertness and wakes up sleepy kids. Set atimer and ask students to call out answers to questions while jumping. They’ll be more focused in no time!

  1. Increase Body Awareness

As you jump up and down your joints are receiving pressure input. This proprioceptive input helps you become more aware of your body. For a more challenging activity, jump with your eyes closed or while in aSpace Explorer. Just make sure you’re on a carpeted floor since wood can be slippery!

  1. Improve Balance

Get creative and jump in different directions, on one foot or while doing something else, like clapping or spinning in a circle. This helps build up core strength, which in turn improves balance. Kids love how fun this is to do, especially if you put on music!

  1. Better Health

While you jump your body takes in more oxygen and increases your heart rate. This increase in blood circulation is great for your cardiopulmonary and vascular systems. Hold on to atrampoline handle for added support during this heavy work activity. Jump ropes are another great way to encourage jumping!

  1. Mood Boost

Even though jumping can be tiring work, its aftereffects are wonderful. Just like with other forms of exercise, your brain produces more dopamine, which makes you feel happier. This is a super easy good mood boost to do wherever you are, even just for a couple of minutes!

A quick round of jumping is simple to work into a sensory break routine. Whether you jump on a trampoline,jumping board, or even just the ground, it’s a perfect way to give yourself a boost whenever you need one.

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This post was originally posted on 04/19/2017 by It was updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness on 11/19/2021.