Holiday Gift Guide 2015: Sensory Toys for Autism, ADHD, and Sensory Processing Disorder Fidget Balls Busy Fingers Tangram Gel Puzzle Shopping for gift ideas for a sensory sensitive individual? Someone with autism? Sensory Processing Disorder? ADHD? Let us help personalize your shopping experience! You may just want to check out this list for your special needs child, grandchild, favorite classroom teacher or therapist. As a mom, physical therapist and product developer, I find these toys are at the top of my list for their body-engaging, mind-stimulating, "beep-free", fun appeal. We've selected our best of 2015 sensory-motor toys that will be sure to keep children engaged, playing, thinking, creating and moving! cf6114_thingamejig_new-(15) Thingamajig-Set of 2 $23.99 Age 3+ Who doesn't love a fidget? This Thingamajig is bright and engaging. Plus you can clip it onto your shirt or backpack. Great for fine motor training and visual processing skills too. MQ4775_gel_fidget_ball_with_keychain_active Fidget Keychain Balls-Set of 3 $24.99 Age 5+/teen/ These get my number one vote in the eye-hand category. The Fidget Keychain Balls are gender neutral, sensory stimulating and engaging. Plus they weigh just enough to provide some great proprioceptive input into the hands and forearms. Kids love their bright colors and you can use these balls for stress reduction, fine motor skills and strengthening. mw6182_trapeze_bar_swing Trapeze Bar $49.99 Ages 3-12/ It's an upper body and core workout. Just attach to any 2-point suspension and let your monkey have a blast. A perfect tool for sensory seekers and those with low tone. Be sure to have a mat underneath your swing bar. Discovery Putty $12.99 Ages 5+/ This was a huge hit last year and now we have more styles available. It's the putty with pieces. Great for all ages and kids can work on pulling, pinching, sorting and organizing. Busy Fingers Tangram $29.99 Ages 3+/teen It's not just a puzzle; it provides a lesson in geometry and math. Kids from age 3+ will be engaged with the enclosed gel and bubbles while solving configurations using these very cool pieces. MW6121_Foam-Ball-Pool_3 Jungle Jumparoo Starts at $249.99 Age 2+/teen This is the perfect solution for your sensory seekers and those who need to move! The Jungle Jumparoo, while similar to a trampoline, takes up very little space and is super durable! Plus several kids and even adults can jump at once. Great for home, clinic, gym or classroom. SP6177-Monster-Bean-Bags-active Monster Beanbags $32.99 Ages 3+ Emotional intelligence is at the heart of these specially designed weighted beanbags. Weighing about 1.5 lbs. each, they provide just enough weight to wake up the arms and brain. Use for discussing anger management, eye-hand coordination or for sensory integration therapy. CF6174-snapping-turtles-active1 Snapping Turtles $41.99 Ages 3+ They're soft and snappable! Kids can work on fine motor skills and proprioceptive skills as each one has a different weight. Which one is heavier? Which one is lighter? Snap them together and drape across your body for a weighted lap pad too. mw6150_cocoon_climbing_swing1 Cocoon Swing $92.99 Ages 3-12 Hang it from 2 points and climb inside for a cozy place to hang out, or hang the Cocoon Swing from a single point and climb on top for a ride of your life. A great tool for motor planning, strengthening, vestibular activities and fun. Why not hang it in a bedroom? vs1988_Rock_Around Rock Around $53.99 Age 4+ They may get on, but they won't want to get off. This is not your average rocking board. Rock Around requires core work and balance reactions. Great for balance training, core training and sensory integration therapy. Not sure which item to purchase? Give us a call at 1.800.231.6329. Or with our gift card, your special needs someone can select the solution that's perfect for their needs.